My Exercise DVD/VHS Library

Since I do NOT have a nanny or any one to watch the baby so I can go to the gym, I am relying on my very extensive exercise DVD and VHS collection to get me thru the next few months. Here is my review of each:
First: THE PILATES programs Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss: This is my absolute favorite because it has 3 women showing 3 diff’t levels of the moves and right now I’m on level one 3 week postpartum. I like the pace of the work out and I honestly think I lose weight and get tighter everytime I do this workout
Cardio Pilates: I thought this one would be more high intense, but it essentially repeats the same sequence of moves and doesn’t really makes you break a sweat. There are some basic mat pilates maneuvers too
Balance Ball for Weight Loss: I like this one too again with Suzanne Deason, which is a little more difficult so I have to work up to doing this one. Since I had diastasis with this pregnancy (as with my previous two) my abdominal muscles are still quite weak and need to work up to it.
Balance Ball Fitness, Beginner’s Workout: This introductory DVD came with the balance ball equipment and shows 20 minute intros of the ab, lower and upper body work outs intended to entice you to purchase the entire DVD from each. It’s a good quickie work out. After reviewing this DVD, I wanted to order
Crunch Fitness, Pick your Spot Pilates: This is my absolute FAVORITE pilates for lower body Tape because it offers 10 minutes of but, 10 minutes for the legs and 10 minutes for the abs and I always feel tighter when I’m done. And if you’re pressed for time, you can just do 1 or 2 segments. Giam’s Lower Body Toning Ring: I got this as a Christmas present in 2005 and it came with the ring. It’s a great , easy to follow exercise for the lower body and wonderful to do for breaking up the monotony and switching up a bit.Denise Austin Balance Ball: I really have the balance ball version of this video which I don’t recall ever doing actually, but plan to soon
Second: The YOGA programsYoga Booty Ballet: I don’t recall how many things I ordered while wide awake and nursing my second boy when he was a new born 2 1/2 years ago AND watching infomercials. This was one of them. It came with 3 DVDs, an exercise and diet program. It was a very fun work out b/c there were unique moves that combined ballet with yoga and pilates. I think I lost a few inches doing this work out series.
Baby & Mom Yoga: The best thing about this video 1) the cover; and 2) had maneuvers you could do with the baby. The maneuvers were a bit basic and the instructor , who is dressed like a swami and less like a yogi, was a bit scary. It’s a good opportunity to work out when baby is awake and to involve the baby in it.

Third: THE CALISTHENICS and CARDIO programs Crunch Fitness: TAE BOXING: When the Tae Bo trend was all the rage 10 years ago or so,I think Crunch wanted in on the action and they paid the creator of Tae Bo, Billy Blanks, money to teach a class. And then they videotaped it and sold it. It seemed unorganized and haphazard. Not really good, but it’s a decent work out and quasi intense. It runs 30 minutes so it’s a okay-ish quick cardio work out.

Tae Bo Instructional: This is the real thing which I think I picked up in a yard sale and have yet to use, but I’m looking forward to it.
Billy Blanks, Billy’s Bootcamp: This DVD series included Abs, Basic Training, Ultimate Bootcamp, Cardio Bootcamp. This is VERY high intensity workout that comes with bands and I think I picked this up while watching some late night infomercial on television. It was WONDERFULLY helpful in helping me shedding my baby weight.
Crunch: 10 Minute Abs: This is a great quick ab work out.
The original Buns of Steel: I got the abs of steel version video in law school when my metabolism started slowing down and I started getting heavier as is usual with most people. After doing this tape 3x a week, I got my rock hard 4-pack (2pack short of a 6 pack) back. This version is very 80s complete with Tami Lee Webb in an 80s style leotard, leg warmers and tights. However, it’s a great BASIC work out and really consists of doing squats and lunges. There is a mat work out portion that is essentially leg lifts. It is great for getting strong legs and a great butt.
Buns of Steel Target Toning Workout: This is an updated version from after 2000 I think, which is great because it features very fun moves. It is intense, but high intensity and a great cardio work out.