The Best Baby Crib: The Pali Crib

I suppose if you are planning to have a big family, it might be a good idea to invest in a good quality, well constructed crib made of secure and solid materials. A design that could work in a feminine and later masculine nursery themed room may also help.

When we got pregnant with our first child, I was earning a substantial amount of money as an attorney in one of those hoity toity big New York law offices (well, I was in the DC office but still). Needless to say, we didn’t spare any expense to search for and secure the best possible crib we could find for our little butter bean.

By the time we started to shop for furniture, we knew we were having a boy, and I wanted a sports theme room and felt that light colored furniture wouldn’t work with my theme. After much research which revealed that the top lines were Italian made, we settled on a Pali Paula crib. Pali is an Italian designer of quality constructed nursery furniture. Paula is the name of the specific design.

Three children later, that crib is going strong. I just removed the slats today to convert it into a toddler bed for GG, our “lastina” as they call the last kid in a family in my native Sierra Leone.

We got ours from the Great Beginnings Store in Gaithersburg, Maryland, then and currently, the only place in Maryland where you can purchase this crib off the floor. Otherwise, you may have to order it from any number of website distributors.

Pros about the Pali Paula Crib
  • It is a sleigh bed and looks classic enough to work with any decor.
  • It’s made up of a solid European Beechwood
  • It has a drop side that can be maneuvered with one hand in case you have to pull down the crib side with one hand while holding the baby in the other. You just push a knee in to release the casters and it rolls down.
  • The hardware is hidden which is unlike some of the shabby cheaper cribs on the market
  • I loved the cherry finish and that it was from Italy cause a fashionista loves Italian designs and that’s a bonus for a self-proclaimed trendster!
  • It is so well built that it would be the only crib you’d ever need, especially if you are planning and successfully conceive several children. When your last kid is out of this thing, you can sell it and probably get a good resale value for it.


  • The cost. The crib, when we got it retailed for like over $500. That is not practical for most folks budgets and the crib prices itself out of many people’s budget range.
  • The side pull down is not always easy to release and I found myself fumbling with it one too many times and so much so that I woke up a baby in the process and had to start all over again rocking. It’s also tough in darker rooms to mess with it.
  • The size. The dimensions of this crib are 64 x 30 x 47 inches. It was too big to fit thru the doorway of our nursery. So we had to pay the store to build it inside the room. Lord knows my husband is not the Crib building type. And also, there is a lot of hardware that comes with this thing and not using the proper tools to tighten it could compromise the security of the structure. That was our excuse for paying the store to install the crib for us anyway, ha!

Overall, this was a great investment and we couldn’t have been happier making another choice.
We got the Pali Dresser with attached Changing table as well (see photo below), which is also such a great quality piece that we plan to keep it and remove the changing table and use the dresser for years to come.

Check out photos of the nursery:

Please ignore the missing sports themed drawer pulls on the dresser that my boy managed to unscrew by the time this photo was taken. We purchased another set which each subsequent child found joy in unscrewing and chucking in the toy box black hole never to be seen again.

Oh and ignore the toy graveyard behind the closet door in the first pic as well. We have since, (at least three times already) purged all the excess toys to Goodwill and the garbage. To the Right is the crib. Yes, that is chalkboard paint on the bottom half of the room and yes, my mother blamed me when my kids used to draw on her walls. She said, we trained them to do that on account of they being able to write on the walls in their room. Point taken! ha!

and in case you were wondering what THE MOST EXPENSIVE CRIB is…check out Sweet Beginnings. That line’s Circus Day Sleigh retails for $3,863. Get it on sale at Mercantila
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