2009 Most Expensive Baby Products…

…post will not be ready until tomorrow. What can I say, there was stiff competition this year so what’s one more day to wait? (smile)

in other news Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are expecting baby number nineteen!! Their oldest child is expecting his first baby with his wife next month, so that means the baby’s aunt will be born after she is! Whoa!..and their youngest is eight months old. Michelle is about 12 weeks pregnant and feeling nauseated. WOW!! God Bless em.
Personally, I feel that is a bit too many kids for me, but each family knows what it can handle. The few times I’ve seen them in the media and caught their show once in a while, their kids are well behaved, smart, play different instruments and seem well grounded. Lord knows there are plenty of children with only one or two siblings that are really messed up and/or poorly cared for by their parents, so I say who are we to judge? They seem like good role models for parenting and family to me.
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