Book Review #4: Deceptively Delicious

This isn’t a new book, per se, as it was released 2 years ago, and followed with controversy because an appearance by the author, who also happens to be Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, on Oprah helped the book reach multimillion dollar sales while a similar book released earlier, The Sneaky Chef by Missy Chase Lapine sold modest copies. Cries of foul play ruled the publishing world.
Well, yeah yeah yeah, this book is new to me and I am yet to find a cheap copy of Missy’s book as I did Deceptively Delicious earlier in the year at one of those discount stores, like Ross or Marshalls. So here we are.
I am one of those people who make an attempt (though I fail 7 times out of 10) to avoid processed, pre-packaged and microwave foods. The struggle I have most is trying to get my children to eat vegetables. Thankfully, the baby, GG, is a great eater and will consume anything I put before her. My challenge is to not introduce her to too much junk food and sweets and ruin her hearty appetite.
Unfortunately, for my 4 and 7 year olds, its too late. They have a staple of basic, not so healthy foods: hot dogs, pizza, mac n cheese, grilled cheese sandwhiches. Note the absence of veggies in this list.
When each of them were babies, I made earnest attempts to make my own baby food and puree them. The sight of jarred foods made me sick because I could never be rest assured how long the food sat in those jars, if rust leaked in from the tops or if the foods were over processed.
This book is great for teaching you how to puree vegetables and sneak them in ordinary meals. Aha!! It starts with the basics of what to build in your pantry. I reckon, based on some other independent reviews I’ve seen from others that the food doesn’t always come out as tasty and the non-veggie containing originals, but I figure it’s still worth a try and perhaps a little extra pinch of salt, seasoning, sugar or other substitute won’t kill anyone. After all, what’s worth sneaking in veggies if they are turned off from the first bite.
I love it already and I haven’t even tried a recipe yet. It’s all about recipes, idea and the guidelines of building a kitchen of tools and ingredients to sneak into the foods kids love like macaronni and cheese, tacos, chicken nuggets, pizza, pancakes and brownies.
I’m excited about getting to dig into this one! I’ll report how it goes…

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