Book Review #5: On Becoming Toddler Wise

Yes, it’s late, but here’s another review. I am cleaning my plate folks….
From the authors of the ULTRA best selling “On Becoming Baby Wise” book which espouses tricks on getting a calmer baby and one that goes to sleep on its own, comes its 2003 follow up for the next stage which I am batting with “Toddlerdome!” True to the formula from their first book, Drs. Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam take a frank, matter-of-fact, no-nonsense approach to explain in simple terms tips for dealing with various toddler issues. They tackle topics from the first steps to potty training.
This also is not a new book but it is a great resource that I have had to turn to and re-read for each child. They take you into the mind of a toddler and decodes what and how he/she thinks and responds to her/his parents. Various chapters discuss everything from getting your toddler to alter bad behavior to potty training. They don’t talk down to the reader but share examples that most parents with toddlers can relate to and I suppose if you are pregnant with a toddler you could use any bit of help you can get at this point, so do yourself a favor and check this book out at the library, get a used or discount copy from I’m beginning to feel like somoene should pat me on the back for stimulating the economy this way; giving all these good “must get” reviews and all…in one day nonetheless! ha!
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