Product Review & Giveaway: Sandra Magsamen Snuggle Me Story Books

I had a pleasure to preview the latest Sandra Magsamen Snuggle Me Story books; My Little Monkey & Little Bear Hugs. Each book comes with a small fleece blanket with an attached plush monkey and teddy bear. The author of the books, Sandra Magsamen, is an artist, mom, who lives in my state, Maryland!

As soon as I opened the box they were shipped in my 20 month-old, GG, grabbed at the adorable, soft plush blanket buddies that come attached to each book. She could barely wait for me to cut them from the books. Afterwards, we grabbed a quiet corner in the nursery and she made me read the monkey book over and over and over again. She loved saying “Monkey” at the end of the book. Then would shrivel her brow, sad that the book was over and say, “AGAIN”. All the while, she snuggled the little animal. I think she was eeked to see that her little stuffed monkey looked just like the one in the book. She talked to it, in baby gibberish of course. I think she said, “hey you are my little monkey buddy” or something like that if my baby gibberish is correct.

The fun sentiments in the story, about how valued and loved the little monkey is to his mom, and the use of playful words that GG could relate to helped hold her attention for the entire book. She loved it! It’s a board book, so I am cool with her going off and pretend reading and flipping the pages. My only worry is the tiny stuffed animals are easy to lose and I’ve had to search and scoop them up here and there since we’ve gotten them.

Anyway, we sampled Little Bear Hugs and had the same experience with that book the next night. They both made a nice addition to our board book collection and the added little gift of a stuffed blanket buddy was a plus! They are perfect for bedtime or story time in a corner.

The publishers are giving away 5 sets, containing each book, to Bellyitch Readers who enter the contest over the coarse of the next 7 days. The winner will be selected doing the random interger thingy bob. Will list all the names with the number of entries, mix up the electronic grab bag and pick a winner. To enter do one of the following things: 1. Tweet the contest (1 entry) 2. Leave a comment on this post (1 entry) 3. Follow this Blog (see the right) (2 entries) 4. Include the contest in one of your own blog postings. (1 entry)

But so I can know which ways you’ve enter, please leave a comment letting me know to check and leave a link to the blog post or twitter account where I can find those entries. Thanks for entering and spreading the word about this contest, these books and Bellyitch!

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