Product Reviews: Daddy Scrubs

I think this is such a great invention! Too cute! Daddy Scrubs for the delivery room. The scrubs have the logo “I’m the Daddy” on the back which is very novel and helps the daddy feel special on delivery day as well. Sometimes, it’s just not comfortable to be sitting around during labor and delivery in street clothes.

Also, for reasons of maintaining a sterile environment, many hospitals will have dads put on over street clothes itchy mesh disposable scrubs or an old washed up pair of linen scrubs out of the daddy pile before allowing them to go into the Operating rooms for C-sections or in NICUs. I imagine, there is a class of dads who may have been more comfortable in their own.

Personally, I find scrubs rather comfortable. In the past, my sister, who has worked in several hospitals has provided me and my husband pairs of scrubs and we wear them as pajamas. So we appreciate the comfort of your own pair of scrubs and thus why this is a cool invention.

The concept was created out of the mind of an expecting dad for other dads.

I am a firm believer that moms come up with the best inventions and apparently, so do dads!

You can order your pair on the website. I think they’d make a great gift to any expectant father!

In light of the newly released FTC rules (Released today) that require Bloggers to DISCLOSE relationships with products they review, I have to let you know that I will be sent a coffee mug (retail value $6.99) for posting this review, though I’d let you know I thought this was a great invention before I even saw the part about getting a mug. SMILE.

Guess, I have to update the blog with a general disclaimer in a few.
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