Review: Relish! Family Dinner Planning Site

I was offered to preview a one month membership with Relish!, an online menu planning site for the busy family looking for new options for meal preparation. (value $7.00)

First off, you know I was all over that option as my kids current meals prepared by me consist of one of the following:

1. Mac and Cheese, the instant kind, not even homemade
2. Hot Dogs (so bad as I hate the preservatives put in mystery dogs)
3. No or little Veggies
4. Pizza (though admittedly, I sometimes consider the tomato paste in the sauce a veggie)
5. Peanut Butter and Jelly
6. Chicken nuggets and Fries (Tyson’s baked or McD’s)


It’s not that I have no imagination, just busy –Between writing three blogs, representing my law firm and PR clients, raising three children, trying to be a wife and having an active social media life (I am one of those folks that constantly update her Facebook status and tweet info via two active Twitter accounts)…

…Oh and did I mention that I produce a webshow on the Multicultural Cooking Network? Yup!

As you can imagine, being able to come up with nutritious meals every week for the family is challenging, to say the least.

Every Thursday, I get delivered in my inbox from Relish! a list of delicious meals options including desert. All I have to do is click the boxes to 5 meals I’d like to prepare for the week and then voila! An instant grocery list and recipes are produced for me to print out.

The list includes common items that I would likely have in my pantry and then stuff I would probably need to purchase when doing that weekend’s shopping. It was smart of them to deliver the email before most folks do their week’s shopping. The 5 dinners and sides cost less than $85 per week at the grocery store which is important in this recessionary economy. Each of the meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare which is great for a time-strapped person like myself!

I tried it and my husband was happy to eat a well prepared meal with veggies that looked like it took some thought to put together. He actually gave me a kiss after eating the pasta dish I whipped up. Of course, I had to force the kids to eat something different, but I must say that variety is great because at some point they will break down and actually like something I put in front of them. GG is a great eater so she actually consumed some of the lemon pepper fish I fixed.

Overall, I was very pleased with Relish! And for just $7 a month, that’s not a bad investment for the sake of your family’s healthy eating habits. I’d say its worth the investment.

And look here, apparently, from its website, Relish! has been featured in several national publications! Well kudos to them for a good product.


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