Product Review: All Natural Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

With this being prime flu season and with the recent Swine Flu outbreak, now more than ever parents have been keeping stashes of hand sanitizers in their pockets, cars, purses for those occasions when hand washing is not an option. After all, frequent hand washing is one of the precautionary measures advised to curb the spread of the flu, both seasonal and the H1N1 strains., an Eco-conscious baby store that sells natural and organic products for families and babies sent me four products to sample, a non-toxic household cleaner, organic body butter, an all natural hand sanitizer and organic biodegradable diapers that are supposed to harm the environment and land-fills less than regular diapers.

First up for review, Clean Well All Natural Hand-Sanitizer.

This stuff is made with “Ingenium”, a patented formula of essential plant oils that the brand claims has been proven to kill 99.99% of germs. Nice claim! It does NOT include alcohol which is definitely bad for putting on a baby or small child’s hands given that 90% of the time their hands are in their mouths and subsequently their finger foods.

And the remaining ingredients in CleanWell are safe for kids, non-toxic, and come from rapidly renewable resources that grow abundantly worldwide. Excellent!

The product comes in a spray pump and my sample even indicated on the label I had 225+ sprays of use. I kind of like that it is the spray on kind because the liquid sanitizers can get gooey and grimy and may not go on evenly if a toddler doesn’t rub his/her hands together right. Pump 1 or 2 evenly on hands, rub together until it dries. Simple! I love the purse size sample I got. Makes it great for throwing in the baby bag and going, keeping in the office drawer or the car glove compartment box.

On the down side, even though there is no alcohol, the product still had a drying effect on the hands. The label claims that the product leaves the hands soft, but it did not do that for me or my family. I live in a climate that gets very cold during the winters and dry cracked lips, and other body parts are a problem so we are always trying to moisturize all the time. We have to reapply moisturizers throughout the day. I wish Clean Well had a bit more of whatever it is that is supposed to make your hands soft. Many of the chemical-based lotion sanitizers out on the market do a better job, but then again, I guess that is the trade off for going all natural and eco-friendly. It’s more raw and rugged, but better for the environment and your body!

Another negative side effect of the sanitizer is the smell. Although it is virtually chemical free, the version I was sent has a natural fragrance infused with a Citrus Herb scent but it is strong and a bit harsh on the senses. My four-year old didn’t want to touch his food after he smelled it and I think it kind of made him lose his appetite. Perhaps, if there is an unscented version, I would recommend that one for pre-meals sanitizing when you are out and about with the family.

Overall, I give it a solid B+ for being good for you and the environment!

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