Product Review: Sandra Magsamen Wishes & Kisses Collection

One of Bellyitch’s favorite board books writers has expanded her brand! Sandra Magsamen, mom, artist and author of those cute little hugs and kisses books reviewed and given away here before, has debuted her collection of newborn accessories, apparel and gifts at Wal-mart.

I was sent a few items to check out and I really do like each piece. The collection even includes a children’s line of clothes. The little girl’s dress I previewed was bright and sunshiney and the material was blankety soft. I do wish the stitching on the hems would have been double stitched and only because this was the type of dress I’d want to last several outings and to hand down to someone else later. But I suppose for the moderate retail price of $8.50, you can’t beat that type of cuteness!

I also loved the handmade plaques with these wonderful inspirational messages meant to be hung in your little ones’ rooms that I checked out. (retail: $5.00) The plaques are quality constructed because they appeared sturdy, bright and the portion of the plaques that you hang on the wall is lined withe colorful eye-catching beads. I love the playful script font which is signature for Ms. Magsamen.

I also got a plush get well bear (retail: $10.00) which felt and looked like a larger version of the tiny bears that come with her board books. My little one has already adopted it as her bedtime bear. I was going to donate all of the items I received to our local Children’s Hospital so I don’t know how I’m going to get that out of her hands. oh boy!

Finally, I checkedout this cute little key change (retail: $3.00) with a metallic heart inscribed with the words “live like it matters”. aaah how inspirational. Yes, I am one of those folks who put gushy think-positive type messages on her Facebook status and up on her office wall. So this was right up my alley. It had a hand made feel to it with the tiny colorful beads that connected the in heart to the ring. But something tells me that anything selling at Wal-mart is most likely mass produced!

But just in case, you just have a special message or inscription or saying that is unique for your baby or family, you can go to the Sandra Magsamen studio’s custom page and get a customized message engraved on your product – Neat!

But still, it had that feel to it. In fact, much of the items from this collection come branded with iconic messages, scripts and playful icons. I love a feel-good message any day.

Overall, I can tell from the sample of items I received that the collection is cohesive and does indeed transmit the idea of the themes hope, joy, dreams and love; and to explore and experience each day with more heart, meaning, purpose and joy. Great additions to any infant, toddler or children’s nursery I do say!

Read more about Sandra on Oprah’s website

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