Product Review: Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products

Magnesium is a mineral acknowledged by scientists and doctors for being essential to certain body functions and deficiencies of it are linked to migrains, attention deficit disorder, asthma and allergies. I have heard of people ingesting magnesium, a natural occurring mineral, as a dietary supplement, but never rubbing it on the skin topically. But apparently the people from Ancient Minerals that produce a line of 100% magnesium oil, gel and flakes have discovered that absorption of this critical element through the skin is the best way to get it in the body.

I was offered an opportunity to sample the line of Magnesium Gel, Magnesium Flakes Body Bath & Foot Soak and Pure Magnesium Oil. Initially, I wasn’t sure if there was a natural fit for this pregnancy and maternity related blog, but then I read more about the benefits of Magnesium and it was said to be excellent for skin conditions and irritations including Eczema!

Since many babies and toddlers suffer from eczema, my 2-year and 4-year old included, I immediately changed my tune once I read about magnesium’s added healing and ailing properties for skin problems. Also, among the various conditions in life that trigger an increased need for magnesium absorption in the body, pregnancy and lactating are two of them. SWEET!

The product is a high concentration of 100% magnesium chloride which is drawn from the ancient Zechstein Sea! errr where? Okay. Sure.

If you’ve followed this blog in the past, you may notice I am a big fan of holistic medicine and natural remedies. By all means, I am certainly a fan of Dead sea minerals and am a sucker for any product with those two words on the label. I don’t know, I feel maybe it has some secret supernatural healing power. I’m goofy that way.

So first off, after getting the package in the mail I was anxious to begin using it on GG who was in the middle of an eczema outbreak and a second (and rare) case of Pityriasis rosea, a skin rash common in children but rare to get twice in one lifetime. Of course, I wouldn’t normally use the kids as a guinea pig, but I had just gotten a prescription for a topical steroid from her dermatologist and I was eager to use a natural product before resorting to the medicinal steroid. You can appreciate the difference. I made the BIG mistake in spraying a spritz of the oil on my baby daughter without testing it on a small patch of her skin or mine first! Boy! She cried b/c it stung! I know this because I sprayed some on my arm and it felt itchy and stung my skin too. My 4 year old son also had some on his skin and he too was wincing for me to wipe it off as soon as it got on his skin. So big lesson is to dilute first if to be used on children.

The label described that some patients feel a tingling, but nah, stinging is more like it. Lesson learned. It’s not supposed to stay on the skin long and is supposed to be wiped off or washed off within 20 minutes of spraying on the oil. I am yet to last 2 minutes with the stuff on before taking it off. I’m just hopeful it was long enough to do its thing.

In fact, I skipped using the oil altogether for the kids and started to let them soak in the flakes.

Well there you go! This stuff must be a miracle product because within one day of use, GG’s rash started to disappear. Within 3 days of soaking her in the flakes once each night, it all disappeared! Amazing! Her eczema outbreak cleared up and my son’s skin become smoother and less prickly too. Whoa!

I had an aching muscle pain in my right back that I attributed to toting GG around during our whirlwind travels to the Caribbean in February. The pain had persisted for 2 weeks and I was set to go see the doctor. I thought about the positive result we had with the flakes and decided to see if rubbing the gel in could ease my back pain.

Sure enough, the pain started to dull and get better within 24 hours of rubbing it in. I would never think something other than Ben Gay or Sportscream could provide that sort of result. Afterwards, I read online that magnesium deficiency has been associated with back pain.

By the way, we are yet to crack open the tube of cortisone steroid!

So, needless to say I am a convert and believer in these minerals and have vowed to keep using it so long as they keep curing my ailments.

Good stuff, folks!!

A 6.5lb tub of Magnesium Flakes runs $55.00. An 9 ounce tube of the Magnesium Gel runs $39.00 and an 8 ounce bottle of the Magnesium oil will set you back $29.00. For something that can cure back pain, skin rashes and not to mention aid with hypertension, arthritis pain, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, tooth decay, cystis, asthma and loads of other ailments, I’d say it would be well worth the investment.

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