Service Review: Broadcaster2.0 Live Streaming Baby’s First Steps

An aspiring media honcho who goes by the name of Michael Chavez Booth recently contacted me to share that his company Dyyno recently launched Broadcaster 2.0, a personal live-streaming service that would enable anyone to stream images and videos. It was pitched to me as a wonderful alternative to YouTube, but better because it would be live, for parents who want to stream their baby taking its first steps or tasting baby food for the first time and sharing it with family far away. Neat. I instantly thought of the military dad living in a foreign country missing out on those precious moments of the grandparents residing in Asia or Africa somewhere and unable to watch their grandchildren grow up.

What a wonderful and novel concept and best of all, the service is free! It reminds me of UStream but a simpler easier version. You can password protect the stream so only friends and family can see and you don’t have to worry about stalkers and weirdos on the net.

When you sign up, you have to download software. When it loads, you drag the icon to your desktop to start broadcasting or into the webcam or software on your computer that is hooked to your camcorder. You simply email the url to family and give them your password, if you elect to use one. It even has a chat feature so all those viewing can chime in and comment on what they are seeing. It’s perfect for non-techie folks. It took me only 5 minutes to set up and I was ready to go!

The creators tout that the service has telemedicine aspects in that doctors and experts can consult with a mom miles away using this “Universal Viewing Feature.”

That is the best and coolest as I currently have a client that works on telehealth and telemedicine and for parents who live in rural areas of far from medical facilities with the latest high tech diagnostic resources, this would be an ideal way to get a remote appointment to check out symptoms or to monitor a potentially ailing child suffering from a yet to be diagnosed condition.

As a blogger and author, I also dug the EZ Broadcaster feature which lets you host your own show. It looks like the service was originally pitched to businesses for webinars, but someone must’ve come up with the bright idea to expand their focus and reach out to families and everyday individuals interesting in streaming personal videos.

To make it more attractive and less intimidating to families, however, I would suggest the company spend some time on a version of the platform for families that features family-friendly images to make it more user friendly. I don’t mind the simple sterile low graphics looks, but I do know that many are attractive to sites that features shiny happy smiling people and easy buttons and colorful graphics to capture the attention.

Very neat! Check it out folks. I wish them luck and hope Mr. Booth becomes the next Ev “Twitter” or Tom “MySpace”!

photocredit: *Pnutt**’s Flickr Stream
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