11 Crazy Inventions made for Babies and Toddlers

It is true that moms and parents, in general, come up with the best inventions out of practical experience and frustration from products on the market not meeting their needs.  Many of the coolest and most widely used parenting products for babies have been invented by innovative moms and dads. But then every now and then, someone takes it a little tooo far…behold my top 11 list of wacky inventions for babies. First up…
I am not sure if this product, called a “Peekaru”, exists in real life or is a prank because I don’t know what mom would like to walk around looking like a TeleTubbie. This get-up looks like a cross between a blanket and a turtleneck with a separate hole for the baby’s head. And  it’s made of fleece.  Kind of like Kangaroo meets Turtle meets Bizaro Humans sort of way! It takes the concept of mom and me Snuggie to a whole different level.
My husband has no qualms whatsoever about sucking the snot out of our kids noses when they are sick. He casually does it often. Me, on the other hand, can tolerate their icky gucky noses and will stick them in a steamy bathroom to do the unclogging. Well worry no more, NoseFrida  has invented a product just for squeemish moms like me. Check it out…A Snot Sucker!! all together now…eeeewwwww!
What mom or dad hasn’t been in this position where they are out on an excursion, maybe at the mall, and they have to go to the bathroom badly but didn’t carry baby in the stroller on the trip out. What to do and where to lay the baby when you’re in the stall?…heh heh heh, well fret no more. Mommysentials brings you the Baby Keeper Basics.  Um…yeah.
Someone actually sent me a press release for this the other day, PLASTIC SHOES for infants. I understand the need by some to keep their babies looking tres chic and trendy and all, so a shoe designed of the latest styles that hip women wear may be popular. However, when you try to save some pennies in the manufacturing costs by making those shoes out of PLASTIC is where it gets a little ridiculous. God forbid baby lives in a warm climate or wears these things during the summer. I can’t imagine perspiration is a good thing for a developing baby’s feet and toesies… I’d send this back to the drawing board if I were them.

I mean really,Brazillian brand Melissa is selling these Plastic Dream shoes for babies for a whopping $100.00!! 

Tudy’s Inc makes these  disposable gloves that are small enough to fit into a handbag or diaper bag. Because your kid just hasn’t mastered the art of stooping just over the bowl without touching the toilet seat…voila, the germ-a-phobe mom is saved with these Potty Mitts.

It’s one thing to have to deal with unsanitary toilet facilities, but what about those moments, maybe camping or at an outdoor event and there isn’t even a toilet to take junior too? Not a problem with My Pee Bottle in the diaper bag. It looks gross, but it sure beats using the empty water bottle in the trunk of the car, wouldn’t you say?

Hearing your squirmy toddler fall out of bed or hit his noggin against the headboard when sleeping can be unnerving. You fear the future genius may be affected if he keeps it up, but lo and behold the makers of  ThudGurad are around to rescue you and your kid with the extra large head. And they come in fun animal styles and everything. Errrrr.
Just because your kid has super plump fat legs doesn’t mean she comes with insulation too! Sometimes an extra layer of warmth is all baby needs. Solve the problem fast and get your kids some Baby leg Warmers! Get yours at BabyLegs.com.  Too CUTE!
N.I.T. Corp makes Baby Bottom Fans because waiting for the wipe to dry may not be enough to ensure no micoorganisms will grow and give your kid a rash. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d prefer an air-dryed bum any day, myself. HILARIOUS!
And while we’re on the topic of diaper changing, I know I for one could have used this product few times when changing my two boys when they were infant. You could just throw a light washcloth on their member when changing them, or you could use… THE PEE PEE TEE PEE 
This baby thing isn’t easy work as many new parents have found out. Figuring out why junior is wailing can also be a science. Well fret not new parent, you can finally figure out the wailing using this Y Why Cry Baby Analyzer ($69.99) by ThinkGeek or at the very least a Cry Translator App ($9.99) for your iPhone by Biloop Technologic.
This gadget is supposed to tell you if the baby is  Stressed, Sleepy, Annoyed, Bored or Hungry) via advanced frequency analysis technology. The makers of the iPhone app announce on its site that  “Clinical studies have shown the Cry Translator can decipher the broad meaning of a baby’s cry with 96 percent accuracy.” Wow, technology won’t even let you be a bad parent if you wanted to!
There you have it, eleven bonafide crazy baby inventions…go out and get yours today, brave adventurous patents!

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