Product Review: hab it Pelvic Floor exercise DVD for New Moms

One of those hidden things they never tell you about pregnancy is that it can leave you with incontinence (which happens when urine leaks when you laugh or sneeze) . Some women even suffer uterine prolapse which is when the uterus collapses through the pelvic floor. Both conditions can be caused by all the pushing and prodding that goes on during delivery. Also, during pregnancy a growing baby puts lots of pressure in that region . More than 20 million women suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles.

Gynecologists usually prescribe that you make visits to a physical therapist to correct this problem. But if you can’t afford one, or can’t get a referral to one that would be covered by your insurance, Hab it pelvic floor DVD is the next best thing and a very smart investment.

The educational DVD which is part instructional manual part Exercise DVD was created by Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer Tasha Mulligan who herself suffered from trauma to her pelvic muscles following the deliveries of each of her three children.

As a self-proclaimed Green blogger, I was very happy to see my review copy (retail $29.99) of the DVD was packaged in a paper sleeve. I’m all about doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. I also liked that the intro sequence featured women of all age groups, races and ethnic backgrounds to drive home the point that the problem is not unique to one demographic or another.

Mulligan promises new moms that by following the DVD for at least 3 times a week for the course of 6 weeks they are guaranteed to significantly strengthen their pelvic floor and eliminate some of the symptoms from having a weak pelvic area. The DVD is divided into two parts: an educational series of quick segments that explain in plain speak the various conditions that could result in weak pelvic muscles and another 6+ minute section on how to maintain proper posture. I loved both sections because they were comprehensive but not too long and seemingly provided just enough and not too technical information.

I know this sounds corny, but it really did feel like a had a physical therapist with me. Mulligan (who is featured in the DVD working with a work out model) walks through each exercise, explaining the benefits and each move and counting through each set of the various workouts. There are three 20+minutes basic workouts and an advanced workout. Recognizing that these days, most people are stressed for time, there is an option on the DVD to do shorter more efficient versions of each routine. This option is best for those who have mastered the basic exercises and no longer need to hear the set up talk and slower pace of the regular version. Another unique aspect of the exercise portion is that there is a graphic of the elements that make up the pelvic region to show you what you should be trying to achieve internally also while doing the exercise. It was very smart to include this in the split screen because otherwise it could be very difficult to demonstrate how to do the postures properly for maximum results.

An exercise band is included but you would need to invest in a Swiss ball and a small exercise ball too, though you could also use a chair and a pillow as substitutes to accomplish the exercises too.

Though I am not suffering through any pelvic related problems, I went through the routine and genuinely felt my core muscles, inner and outer thigh and butt get tighter afterward. I practice Pilates and recognized many of the moves, but even if you haven’t had Pilates or Yoga training in the past you could still follow along each element of the exercises.

Six weeks and $29.00 are time and money well spent investing in this DVD.

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