Kids Fashion Week Coverage: Cavalli, Charabia, Simonetta & Rykiel Enfant

Bellyitch Readers love high fashion, trendy, upscale, couture designers for babies and children, so aren’t you all lucky that you get an early look at the photos and commentary from this blog’s coverage of the first ever Kids Fashion Week in New York City during Fashion Week? You lucky, lucky dogs!
First up, we have the account of the Friday evening pre-Fashion Night Out shows  as reported by Bellyitch correspondent blogger Yakini Etheridge of The Prissy Mommy Chronicles. Look for upcoming future posts this month which will highlight where you can purchase some of these designers’ lines in the 2010 edition of the very famous and often Googled “Most Expensive Children’s Clothes” post.  The infamously named post is often accessed by celebrities, celebrity assistants, the rich & famous and the curious!
 Also, look for posts from the Saturday shows in the coming weeks. 
Keep your eyes peeled on the petitePARADE Kids Fashion Week website for official photos and videos of the event.
In the meantime, here’s Yakini’s report:

I had the pleasure of attending the petitePARADE, a runway showcase created exclusively for the children’s market.  It was an especially noteworthy event as this year marked the first ever showcase of the event also tagged Children’s Fashion Week. It highlighted top children’s couture designers for two days of back to back runway shows. The opening runway showcase featured the Spring and Summer 2011 collections of the children’s lines of Sonia Rykiel, Simonetta, Charabia, and Roberto Cavalli.
The event was held at the posh Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City, a venue which I’ve always appreciated for it’s spacious and airy ambiance.  Prior to the start, audience members which included media, buyers, mini-fashion mavens and celeb-u-tots got an opportunity to browse an area featuring fab designers and vendors sharing showcasing their kids and baby-related products and services.  
The show began shortly after 7 pm and it was an exciting whirlwind of adorable miniature models in haute couture.
First up 
French designer Sonia Rykiel’s line was showcased first.  Since 1968, Rykiel has been creating apparel for women and the line is known for its attention to detail and flamboyant style.  Rykiel translated her same love for bold colors from her women’s line throughout her fun Enfant Collection
 I love that she isn’t afraid to be “girly” and sweet with her designs.  
Next up…
Next we saw fashions by Italian designer Simonetta.  Simonetta was founded in early 1950s by Maria Blanca Mazzarini Stronati, who, back then, decided to open a small dressmaker’s shop for children. Since then, the line has expanded to reach universal appeal.  Simonetta fashion for children is best known for the detailing of the clothes and unique, innovative design.  
I really saw this attention to detail on the catwalk. 

Next up…
The next set of models to sashay down the catwalk wore Charabia Paris.  French designer Lena Barenton creates this playful line which focuses on quality and comfort and also  features the latest trends.

I really liked that Barenton wasn’t shy about accessorizing with sprinkles of rhinestones on her designs. I appreciated that the collection was extremely cheerful and age-appropriate. 


Finally, we saw Roberto Cavalli‘s line of children couture: Devils.  He has created a collection for boys and girls that is fun, playful, and carefree.  His designs were hip and sporty, and the children really seemed to enjoy modeling them!
The petitePARADE was truly a celebration of haute couture! It was an exciting, fun-filled inaugural event that I’m so glad to say I was a part of. This fashion showcase was created in response to parents wanting more in our search for the highest fashion and quality for our toddlers and young children – and I must say the showcase far exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait until petitePARADE 2011.
Much thanks to the Bellyitch New York Correspondent, Dr.Yakini Etheridge of The Prissy Mommy Chronicles. Excellent job! Also, I wanted to add that I appreciate the diversity among children’s models! Kudos to the organizers for a valiant first effort! 
Dr. Etheridge is a clinical psychologist and mom blogger living in NYC.  She loves being a wife and mother to two little boys, and blogs about her experiences as a new mom at The Prissy Mommy Chronicles.
Here is Yakini with other bloggers at the event including Jessica from Mommas Gone City (left) and Alicia of Mom Delicious (right)

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