Belated Bump Watch: Danica McKellar & Bellyitch Fav Things Celebrities

From her personal pregnancy shoot

I know that 35 year old former Wonder Years star and best-selling author of Math Doesn’t Suckand Kiss My Math Danica McKellar gave birth to her first child, a son named Draco after the constellation, this past September 7, with her composer husband Mike Verta.  It appears she was on the Bump Watch circuit before then and Bellyitch barely covered her. She’s one of those past celebrities that come out of obscurity and get more coverage by the rags and papps when they are expecting a child. Call it the” Bump Watch celebrity resurrection effect” if you will! It also applies to C and D list celebrities who would not ordinarily get mucho coverage but for the public’s obsession with bump watch. It sounds mean, but it’s the truth.   So I thought, I’d dump it all here for your bump watching pleasure. Enjoy. 

From inside Pregnancy magazine story and shoot

From inside the Pregnancy mag shoot

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On the red carpet. Love the dress and shoes!

Also from the personal photo shoot
Danica and the celebs below are but a handful of those who love the products up for grabs starting tomorrow for Bellyitch’s favorite things giveaway!

Angelina Jolie, Ali Larter, Jessica Alba Gwen Stefani, Tiffani Thiesen wore Isabella Oliver
Danica McKellar, Mario Lopez and girlfriend Mazza love Ma ke boo

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