5 Ways to Hide a pregnancy

Female celebrities are used to being hounded by the public and media about being pregnant from the moment they are photographed after eating and drinking too much revealing a bulge in their clothes. When they do become pregnant, well aware of the three-month hush rule, they usually tend to try to hide any indication of a baby bump, usually behind a handbag.  That is usually a DEAD giveaway though.
Regular folks too sometimes have the occasion of needing to hide a pregnancy before the three month time or before they’ve told family members. It’s no good when the general public finds out about your pregnancy before your own parents. (Ask P!nk’s dad) Also, for those who work in certain environments when production matters, a pregnant woman may find the cream tasks slowly being taken away from her once co-workers and employers discover that she may be absent from work for an extended period of time while on maternity leave.
Here are 5 tips for hiding a pregnancy:
1. Hiding morning sickness. You  may have one challenge to not be caught by a co-worker throwing up in the bathroom. If you work in a multi-level office environment, use the bathroom on another floor. Chances are the people from those other floors won’t know who you are or won’t recognize the shoes to the woman losing her lunch in the stall next door.
2. Shielding alcohol avoidance. You may be known to NOT skip a drink offer. So if it would be uncharacteristic of you to say no to booze,  take the glass when offered and pretend to sip it. Then replace the liquid with alcohol-free version when no one is looking. If it’s white wine, replace it with apple juice if convenient. If it’s pure vodka, water works. If it’s rum and coke, get just the coke.
3. Covering up the Early Pregnancy Look. There is a certain look that women who are suffering from morning sickness get: glazed eye, red nose, puffy cheeks are indications of vomiting and dealing with nausea. It’ll be hard, but just try. Also, don’t look too dumpy because that is a dead give-away that something is up. Keep your hair coiffed and keep wearing make up even if you’re feeling queezie and not up to it. If you have to heave, reapply your make up so you don’t look so green coming out of the restroom.
4. Disguising the hand on the tummy posture. You may feel the uncanny urge to rest your hand on your tummy. It’s an unexplainable phenomenon. Try to be conscious where your hands are and make an effort to keep them at your hips or another natural place OTHER than resting on your tummy…LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN! A couple of years ago, when Mariah Carey was pregnant and before suffering her miscarriage, many outlets, including this blog, reported that she MUST have been pregnant based on that photograph alone! (see right)
5. Dressing to Hide a growing bump. Finally, dress in chunky but hip sweaters or A-line or empire waist tops or dresses to take the focus away from your tummy. Keep it fresh and trendy so it appears that you are wearing those tummy hiding outfits for style, not for the convenience of hiding a pregnancy you don’t want someone to know about.
Tisha Campell, Petra Nemcova & Tara Reid in a Jay Godfry chiffon empire-waist dress
Remy Sweater by Diane von Furstenberg
A-line sweater from South Korean designer prischu
Good luck!!

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