Facebook now lets you add you are expecting a child

Facebook users may now display that they have an “Expected: Child” within the family section of their profile beneath their profile picture. The option is available in the Friends & Family section of the profile editor, and users may also set a due date and name for their unborn child, though no actual profile or Page is created for the child.

How to Add an Expected Child

Now, alongside the option to list a Facebook friend as one’s brother, cousin, or other family member, users can add list an expected child. To do so, users visit their profile, click “Edit Profile”, enter the Family & Friends tab, and under Family select to “Add another family member”. They can then select “Expected: Child” from the drop down, and then choose to enter a due date and name.
A blank profile picture labeled “Expected: Child” along with the name and due date if applicable are then shown in the Family section of the user’s profile. Unlike other listed family members, clicking the expected child’s panel just reload’s the parent’s profile. Listing an expected child also generates an activity feed story on the parent’s wall and the news feed of their friends.

Previously, parents on Facebook often used profile pictures of ultrasound scans, as well as status updates to announce they were expecting a child, but there wasn’t a good way to persistently display this information without making it the focus of one’s profile. In some cases, parents would create a profile for their unborn child, which violates Facebook’s terms of service, or alternatively create an official Page for them. This new option lets users to prominently display the momentous news of having a baby on the way without creating a separate presence for the child.

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A funny glitch is that it also permits you to tag a friend as that expected child who is NOT yet born. 

 It has been fodder and the subject of many a practical jokes recently.  What happens is you can send a tag request to someone you don’t know.  It’s great for those Maury Povich jokes. “Melissa is here with 5 men and she wants our show to take tests on all of them to determine which man she had unprotected sex with within a 2 week span is the father of her 2 year old Kelly…” 

Ha! That’s two…count em…TWO Maury Povich jokes in ONE week!

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