Study: Pregnancy DOES make you dumber; the science of “MOMMY BRAIN”

Jessica Simpson, infamously known for making “dumb blonde” sayings during her  reality show
while married to Nick Lachey, is rumored to be  pregnant. 
It’s a running joke among many pregnant women, their partners and friends that you get “mommy brain” while pregnant and shortly after, becoming absent-minded and a little bit of a dunce during pregnancy.  Certainly, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of women out there who can attest to this suggestion as FACT.  Now there is science to back it up.
Researchers Jessica Henry and Barbara Sherwin published an article in the September 19 issue of Behavioral Neuroscience which reports that women in late pregnancy and soon after birth had significantly LOWER scores than a control group on a variety of tasks.  The science says our stupidness may have to do with changes in cortisol and estradiol levels.

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