Bellyitch’s Best of 2011: The Best Styled Pregnant Celebrity

This year, Hollywood experienced a true baby boom! There were over 50 celebrities who were on bump watch this year, and by that I mean, they were stalked by paparazzi, and featured prominently on the cover and the insides of many online and print news magazines. 
Of these dozens of women, a few stood out for rocking the pregginista look the best. The pregginista is that mom-to-be who refuses to say goodbye to and sacrifice her sense of style just because she is pregnant.

Who made the Top 4 to 6?
Based our independent review and our study of the various outfits these women were photographed in out and about and in the street, we determined which were best able to put together their looks stylishly and effortlessly. We opted NOT to  take into consideration the red carpet looks because that would mean they were most likely styled by someone else and those looks would not necessarily reflect that mama-to-be’s ability to keep it chic and stylish on her own whilst pregnant. 

It may come as a surprise that the three women pregnant this year who have fashion lines and are notable for being stylish did NOT come in the top three in our view. 
Celebrity stylist, designer and reality star Rachel Zoe kept it fab and was usually seen rocking the latest and best designs. She mixed it up very well all pregnancy. and was daring, not afraid to take risks with her style. Her vests were to die for and who could forget how much her 6 inch leopard skin booties made news?
Beyonce went out there and wore some daring styles. Most notably was the limited edition signature Chanel  Love Potion No 9 sweater she was spotted rocking and those uniquely designed Alain Quilcici skate boots.
Similarly, Victoria Beckham was often photographed wearing shades and other pieces from her own fashion line. She kept to a streamlined and linear look, which is very hard to do when you have an expanding tummy. Somehow Ms. Beckham managed to pull it off.
What kept them off the top three list however, in our estimation, is that they stuck with a very dark color palette and often went with black.  Also, rarely did they  venture too far from safe. Clearly, none wanted to accentuate their new rounder figures and for that they missed out on an opportunity to experiment with different colors, silhouettes and to have fun with it!
Who did wow us fashion wise? Selma Blair, Jessica Alba (the most Bellyitch Bumpwatched celebrity in blog history) and my favorite, Hilary Duff. These three played around with color and length. They wore bright and long maxi dresses and short print baby doll frocks. They also experimented with different styles from Glam to Boho to Street chic to Trendy casual. 
It helps that all three live in sunny California versus Beckham, Beyonce, and Zoe who spent most of their pregnancies on the cold East Coast. Still there were options available as the maternity wear industry has exploded.  Also, there are many ways to accent a look that has nothing to do with maternity wear. 
Of the top three, who would you say was the most stylish pregnant celebrity of 2011? Check them out? (Click to Enlarge)
 Most Stylish Pregnant Celebrity Selma Blair
Most Stylish Pregnant Celebrity Jessica Alba

 Most Stylish Pregnant Celebrity of 2011 Hilary Duff
Stay tuned later today when we reveal other categories of the “Bellyitch’s Best of 2011” including most socially friendly, most high heeled, most generous, most comfortable in her pregnant skin, most discreet, most spiciest, newest, most stalked/watched and best nude pregnant photo. ow!

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