Bump Watch: Hilary Duff tweets painted belly pic [RETRACTION]

Earlier this evening we posted a major goof up that Hilary Duff had deleted her Twitter account in error. I claim personal responsibility for the mix up and bad reporting.  Good thing no one really looks at this blog, um other than some of Hilary Duff’s fan support folks. Oops! Sorry guys! I owe you something BIG. Let me think of something good to make it up to ya. In the meantime, enjoy the above tweeted photo of Duff’s festive Holiday themed belly her sister Haylie painted recently. The image went around the world and back as it was featured on several world wide online newspapers and websites.
Haylie had tweeted, “Evening spent painting my seester ‘s belly and hanging with my brother in law… Can’t wait to meet my nephew. &GetHere.”
Hilary Duff recently beamed about getting her 200,000th follower, thanking her devoted fans!
She’s not the first celeb this year to share a painted belly photo. Mariah Carey twice tweeted a photo of an Easter Egg painted on her bump in April and an Easter beautiful butterfly painted on her belly in March this year.
This photo got a lot of coverage in plenty of news outlets that do NOT ordinarily cover Duff’s pregnancy and for the first time many people who haven’t followed her since her Disney Lizzie McGuire  days expressed shock that she was even pregnant. 

There was a lot of very psycho insane crap judgmental comments on HuffPost, The Daily Mail and other sites, including some who a. do not appreciate the beauty of the pregnant body and pregnant belly and are perturbed by the recent fascination over celebrity pregnancy and b. apparently do not know that since launching a successful singing career, Duff has appeared on the New York Times Best Seller’s list for her fictional series and that she still has millions of devoted fans worldwide, including a  heavy concentration of them in Brazil and South America.  

Anyway! Sorry again for the big embarrassing mix up! What a way to end an otherwise awesome year, albeit one filled with several too quick-to-post-unedited-error-filled posts here and there! OY! 

Here’s to big improvements in 2012!! Cheers!

Hope Hil’s pooch, Lola, is doing okay. She brought her home this past Tuesday after her pet Chihuahua underwent surgery last week. 

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