Inside Nursery Decorating Tips and Trends from DNB Contractors

Most parents want their little angels that come into the world  to be nestled  in a dreamy nursery. Not all have the know how to create these dreamlands for their babies. That’s when it pays, if it’s in the budget, to hire a professional.
DNB Contractors, Inc ( is a Washington, DC area contractor that has been in business for 12 years providing residential and commercial painting, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, moving, property management and remodeling services.

Recently, the company, run by proprietor Dexter Barrow, branched out to fill the niche and growing interest of parents to create fantastical and marvelous nurseries and rooms for their babies and children. I sat down with Barrow for a one on one to give Bellyitch the scoop on how to turn an empty room into a wonderland. The company, which ordinarily focuses on handyman type work, started getting inundated with requests from parents and decided to dedicate an entire division just to that service.

Bellyitch:  What do you do to help parents prepare their nurseries?

Barrow: One of our niches is working with expecting parents.  We like to sit down and consult with the families to determine needs.  For example we just completed a job for a family expecting twins and they were worried about allergies.  We removed the majority of the carpeting and installed beautiful hardwood flooring. We aim to make the process easy so all the parents have to do is relax. We will remove everything from the room so they have a blank canvas to work with.

Bellyitch:  Why do you think you are getting increasing requests to help out with nurseries?

Barrow: That is an interesting question because sometimes our vocation pick us.   I have been a contractor for some time but it was not until I had my daughter 5 years ago I started getting into decorating kids rooms. Her friends would come over and see her room and as any parent knows the next question is “can I have one” !

Bellyitch:  Do you have any general advice to parents on cost saving when preparing their nursery?
Barrow: I tell parents to think a few years ahead. Kids go through many phases so don’t go painting Dora all over the room because next year, we will be back again.

Bellyitch: What is the most popular color folks ask for?

Of course the traditional pinks and blues are still in for girls and boys, respectively. However, parents are becoming more daring.  We have been using a lot of bright and tropical colors lately.

Bellyitch: Do you have any tips for our readers on painting nurseries?

Barrow:  My tip is to call a professional to complete your project. Please remember a great paint job still adds value to your home. The goal it is to have nice sharp lines and to have continuous flow.

Bellyitch: What’s the hottest in nursery designs you are seeing?

Barrow: Lately, we have been seeing a lot of interest in accent walls but these are not your normal accent walls these are themed walls , textured wall paper and murals.  We just recently completed a wall with beautiful clouds and a light blue background with the words stenciled “sweet dreams little one” on one wall.

Bellyitch Are you asked to prepare toy rooms too?

Barrow: We have created various play areas for parents which is great because it defines the space for both the children and their parents. We also assemble furniture bunk beds etc. Thanks to Ikea, we have added one more “value added service” to our services. DNB never says No.

As a treat, DNB Contractors is offering any Bellyitch reader which mentions the blog when calling 10% off services! Sweet! Take them up on the offer. It looks like you will not be disappointed! Contact the company at

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