New clothing option for Working moms-to-be

When Jennifer Skanron, an executive at a Fortune 100 company, figured out that after going through two pregnancies fairly recently, there still weren’t many options out there for working moms who have to wear suits to work, she took it upon herself to do something about it.  She launched Suits Your Belly.  The maternity line boasts a unique patent pending exclusive ZIP design on the pants the brand sells which is created to ensure comfort with style and versatility. (see video below)  
Each jacket in the label is lined with a quirky and fun pattern and the shirts the company sells are made of 100% cotton.  All elements of the pants, jackets and shirts are made with stretchy materials which “give” and provide for maximum comfort. 
Scanning through the site, it looks like there are wonderful options out there for executives, middle management and those small business owners who need to look polished and well put together when it matters most like during presentations and pitches! As a person who worked at a law firm for her first pregnancy, as a city attorney who had to lobby the council often for her second and as a small business owner for her third, I can certainly appreciate Suits Your Belly. If you wanted to accentuate the pieces, you could add a scarf to the look, layer the jacket over top a nice dress or add an accent broach to the jacket.
Overall, looks like this label fills a void in the maternity wear market. I must say the best feature must be the zipper sewn underneath the waistband. It’s flexible so you can adjust it as your belly grows and take it back down slowly as you ease back into your regular pants after baby is born. Innovative! 
Check out a YouTube video explaining the design below: 

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