10 ways to entertain children for FREE

Stay-at-home mom Katelyn of What’s up Fagan’s? put together a guest post on stay-at-home resource site, I can Teach My child,  of 10 activities to help other SAHMs entertain the kids that will also help them and their kids learn, play, grow, exercise, and even clean, all without costing you a penny!
10 Ways to Entertain Children During the Day:
1. Keep the diaper box. They can push it, pull it, put items in and out of it, and even turn it into a home-made slide!  Plus, you can put your child in the box and pull and spin them around.
2. Car Seat/Stroller. Bring your car seat in from the car and let your child sit in them and try to figure out how they buckle together. Or let your child push their stroller around and watch them put their toys or themselves in the seat!
3. Turn the mattress into a slide!  When changing crib sheets, lean the mattress against the bedrail or dresser and help your child slide down the mattress!  Just make sure there’s nothing they can bump their heads on nearby!
4. Pots, Pans, and Utensils. It never fails to entertain children.  Give them safe utensils and let them play “kitchen” or “rock band.”
5. Go outside. Explore. Take them to the park. Get the mail with them.  Look at flowers, throw a ball around, or hold hands as you go for a walk.
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