Bump Watch: Tamera Mowry-Housley lunches with Amy Davidson

Source: Amy Davidson
TV House‘s Amy Davidson tweeted a pic of herself with Tamera Mowry- Housley after lunching together this afternoon, June 3. So cute! Lovely peasant top with aviators.  It’s been a bit sad to read some of the disparaging comments about Tamera among fans who sided with Tia during the two’s disputes during season one of their Style reality TV series Tia and Tamera, which returns to the small screen this Monday, June 11. 
During season one, Tamera was portrayed as not being understanding of Tia’s trials while pregnant. Tamera  even called Tia selfish for not being there for her as she was for Tia during her wedding. Others are saying that since they’ve bumpwatched Tia, its anticlimactic to now watch Tamera. Some are racist and still resent her for marrying a white man, which I guess to them somehow devalues their blackness? I don’t get ignorance, to be honest. How sad! What an immature attitude. The challenges of coming behind your twin when living in the public spotlight, I guess. 

But it can happen with other sisters as well. My sister once joked that I am the Tamera to her Tia, the Solange to her Beyonce Knowles, the Ashlee  to her Jessica Simpson, the Mary-Kate to her Ashley Olsen, the Haylie to her Hilary Duff, the Nicky to her Paris Hilton, the Venus to her Serena Williams, but it wasn’t a slight to me because I like the less out-front sisters or popular anyway! ha!

Anyway, inside the recent issue of Vibe Vixen, Tia explains that the two had a rough time shopping their reality TV series because TV execs didn’t think a show that didn’t have a bunch of conflict among the main cast would be watched. The two maintained they wanted to be positive role models for viewers and good for them! We have enough Basketball wives and housewives making women, and black women, in particular, looking bad!
Thank goodness for the Mowry sisters and the Campbell (Tina and Erica) sisters to show a different and more common side of us. Agreeable, reasonable, complex yet still positive! Yay Bumpwatch babes! 

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