Japanese “Baby Crying” Competition (PHOTOS)

Bellyitch Rewind

You gotta love the Japanese who have brought us the funniest game shows around and who made David Hasselhoff a pop music star! 
They are also so inventive enough to host an annual baby crying competition! But it couldn’t be just any baby crying competition, they had to throw in SUMO WRESTLERS to make it even MORE INTERESTING. 
Check out these photos, compliments of China Daily,  from the 2007 annual “Baby-Cry Sumo” contest, held at the Sensoji temple in Tokyo.  The event is thought to bring good health to the babies who face off to see who can cry the loudest. Check the pics.

This kid fell asleep. Darn competition was in the middle of nap time 

This baby was more interested in the fat rolls. Probably thought it was a breast full of milk. 
I guess you had the option of scaring the baby into crying too? errr.. 


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