Bump Watch: Tamera Mowry-Housley goes on a babymoon, Wants you to support anti-bullying campaign

Awww! Look who went for a mini-baby moon to San Francisco with her husband lately. Tamera Mowry-Housley and her husband Fox news correspondent Adam Housley took these last opportunities to travel to head the beautiful coastal city known for its famous Golden Gate Bridge and stilts homes. She tweeted the above photo before heading out. Sweet.
And was Tamera throwing some shade at Kim Kardashian when she tweeted this which got mad retweeted?

This week, Kim Kardashian, who is infamously known for sharing photos of herself, went on a full out frenzy and tweeted mucho mucho vanity pics of herself in succession like a crazed woman looking for attention and further validation from her millions of fans and followers. I guess she got it!
Meanwhile, in humble star news, Tamera wants you to purchase this very nice tee which supports an anti-bullying campaign! Nice! I think I will get some for myself and my kids! Thanks for doing good! She looks very cute and saucy here, don’t you think? Grrr. Get it mama!
And before I hear it from the Kimmy-stans, yes, I know she gave away hundreds of her shoes to charity recently — because her metrosexual boyfriend Kanye West (who I personally love too) called her wardrobe and shoe closet ghetto and forced her to change her style and get rid of the unacceptable and offending items! I’m not feminist, go right ahead and change your personal tastes to suit and please your man, girl. 🙂

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