Tamera Mowry-Housley gets Twitter Attacked when perceived a Republican (Screencaptures)

If you are Black in America and your fellow Black Americans get wind of or perceive that you are Conservative or a Republican, you may get some venomous blow back from some of them on Twitter. 

Brace yourself. 

Ask Clueless  actress  Stacey Dash who this week tweeted out her support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney along with an image of herself in a bikini. She got lots of hateful response, mainly from her fellow black  many of the response was misogynistic.  

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From a review of the attacks, it doesn’t appear that many or any non-blacks attacked her for her political preference. She replied to most of the assault on Twitter with an “LOL” and eventually went on CNN to address it. 

“I don’t get it…I was shocked, saddened,” she told CNN’s Piers Morgan

Seriously, Lindsay Lohan just declared she support Mitt Romney too but no one cares.

Fast forward to last night, Tamera Mowry-Housley retweeted Fox News host Greta Van Susteren’s Tweet about Vice President Joe Biden’s constant interruption of Republican VP Candidate Paul Ryan during the VP debate. ” I think i might turn this off if it were not my job to watch it…the interruptions make it impossible to learn anything.”
About 1900 people retweeted it, but because Tamera is Black (bi-racial), and her husband, Adam Housley is White, and he works for the very conservative and right-leaning Fox News that was enough for people to assail Tamera with an avalanche of mean, hateful, nasty and misogynistic tweets.
Even though Tamera did not say she was a Republican and say who she was voting for, simply retweeting Greta was enough to send the Twitter Bullies swinging!
via Twitchy

In reply, Tamera tweeted then later deleted:

Some came to her rescue…

via Twitchy

And then Adam went back and forth with a few …


Finally, fed up, Adam went IN….

After that, most of the “@” Tweets stopped and the two started to get more supportive tweets.
Phew! Live and let live people!
Sadly, I can relate.  

As a Center Right Independent person who writes about politics for national audiences and have criticized the president in my writing on occasion (even though I am critical of Mitt Romney much too), I have had several hate letters, emails and Twitter attacks calling me all sorts of names from C*nt, to Uncle Tom etc etc. 
At one point, I used to get one a month.  It stings at first, but I’ve learned that when you put yourself and your opinions out there for wide consumption by a large group of people and are perceived to be in a position of influence because of that wide reach, you will ultimately reach large swabs of folks who will not agree. 

Some of those people are simple, narrow-minded, bigoted, racist, and have linear and limited experience that prohibits them from accepting others and not showing disdain for anyone they disagree with…and  from behind the comfort of their computer screens, anyone can say smack “@” you that they wouldn’t DARE say to your face. 

Got to shake it off and keep it popping!
Looks like Tamera did last night, sent out a bible scripture and has moved on…getting ready for the part 2 season debut of her Style reality TV show with her sister Tia Mowry, Tia and Tamera which returns Tuesday, October 16.


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