5 things a pregnant woman should not wear to Thanksgiving dinner

Bellyitch Rewind
1. A fitted top. Don’t forget your extra boobage need more room to breathe. It’s a family affair. No need to give the kiddies an abundant eyeful. I think of Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak that season and that outfit she wore at her birthday dinner turned surprise party. Oy! My eyes. Catch the replay to see what I’m talking about…
2. Brown – At some point, some smart-mouthed relative is going to think it’s funny to compare you or your belly to the Turkey and you’ll have to take them out and ruin Thanksgiving. Go with black. It’ll make it easy for everyone and save the holiday.
3. A sweater – Even if you’re not cooking and will be heading to someone else’s home, it’s possible that the home will be overheated because the homeowner most likely has been cooking and baking all day. Nothing like a sweaty underbreast to take you over the edge. Opt for layers, a maternity tank, under a button down shirt or dress with a light sweater over top. Leave the fancy sweater dresses to those not carrying around another human in their gut.
4. Heels – As stated often and you know by now, your center of gravity is off with your growing belly. Sky high heels + a plate of food +a preggers woman = an accident waiting to happen. Ballet flats or low heeled boots are a good choice. If you must – I’m adverse to flats myself – a nice wedge, thick-heeled mary janes or sensible platforms with low heels will do.
5. Your hormones – You’re going to get a lot of unsolicited advice, a couple of jabs and maybe a tacky joke or two coming at you and it may get overwhelming. Go in getting ready to hear it all but don’t take it personal, they only mean well. You can pick friends, but you can’t pick family. You’re stuck with them. To be safe, hold onto a ball of modeling clay to squeeze the heck out of and help you keep your fake smile pasted on your face.
Ha! All jokes. Thanksgiving should be a fun time to get together with family and catch up and eat for two or three! Have fun guys!

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