Eco Friday: Gisele Bundchen’s Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that supermodel and current Bellyitch Bumpwatch mom-to-be Gisele Bundchen has a blog that is dedicated to sharing posts and information for being friendly to Mother earth? Yup! Bundchen is the United Nations Environment Program‘s Goodwill ambassador for promoting a green economy!  In a recent posting, she and the bloggers that contribute to the site shared these tips for energy conservation: 
– Keep the fridge away from the stove, otherwise it will spend more energy to compensate for the heat transmitted by the stove.
– Iron clothes all at once, using the indicated temperature for each kind of fabric.
– Replace your incandescent bulbs for  fluorescent or LED, which are more efficient, durable and economical.
– Turn off the shower while soaping the body or washing your hair.
– When cooking, remove all the ingredients from the refrigerator at once.
– Turn off your computer at lunchtime.
– Avoid light bulbs during the day. To brig natural light to the house, open the windows and enjoy the daylight as much as possible.
Do it! Go Green!
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