Review: Unreal Candy & Gisele Bundchen loves it! (VIDEO)

With a tagline like “Candy Unjunked,” you’ve got to admit your curiosity has to be piqued even a little. I thought junk was synonymous with candy. So with a little hesitance, I cashed in a coupon the guys at Unreal sent over to give their candy free of corn syrup,  hydrogenated oil,
artificial flavors, GMO’s or synthetic colors a shot!
I got the 1.7 ounce bar that comes with caramel, peanuts and nougat  ($1.29). It was not in the candy section of the store but with the energy and health food bars of my local CVS drug store here in Maryland. To my surprise, the candy tasted just like a typical Snicker bar and it came at the same price too. Only unlike a Snicker bar, the unreal bar is made with healthier ingredients and with same amount of calories, about 200 per bar. Unreal!! Right?!  You’d think using those better ingredients, it would cost more just like most foods you find in the organic food stores or section of the grocery.  
UNREAL launched this summer. The candies mimic M&M’s, Snickers and Reese’s, but without all the “junk”. Back then the makers touted that they were available at 18,000 stores nationwide, including at CVS, Walgreens and Kroger grocery stores. By now, there an additional 30,000 retailers may have been added.
“Unjunking candy is just the first step in
our mission to Unjunk the World™,” said Michael Bronner, founder
of UNREAL™ Brands
.  “Our goal is to educate people on the
benefits of removing junk from products, and to provide great-tasting
alternatives. With this video, we are thrilled to give consumers an inside look
at UNREAL.”  
The story goes that one of the co-founders launched the company after looking at the ingredients in his son’s Halloween candy bag. He threw it out and set off to create an alternative.  
And to make the pitch, the makers got our very own Bellyitch Bumpwatch babe, currently pregnant super model Gisele Bundchen and her hunky hubby NFL’s New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, actor Matt Damon and R&B crooner John Legend to star in this cool little video re- introducing the product and how the candy is made and origins of the ingredients: organic palm kernel oil from a sustainable and organic plantation in Brazil; traceable cacao beans from farms in Ghana and Ecuador, for example.  The bars natural colors are said to come from foods like red from beets and blue from
purple cabbage, and not from synthetic dyes.
Interesting stuff even though the packaging looks like the typical stuff that occupies landfills! doh! I guess there has to be some trade off somewhere!

Check out the video:

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