25 Days of Christmas: Win “Your Second Pregnancy” Book ($18.95)

DAY 12

Your Second Pregnancy ($18.95)

Most pregnancy books are written for and directed towards first time new parents.  By the time you are a second time pregnant, it is expected that your anxiety level goes down and you are more comfortable in your role as a parent and need less guidance. 
To the contrary, a second pregnancy carries different concerns and issues such as balancing pregnancy while having a small child or toddler in tow, attempting to deliver vaginally after having a Caesarean which is quite a challenge and coping with sibling rivalry or possibly infertility or challenges conceiving again after having an easy time the first go round.
Enter Drs Keith A. Eddleman and Joanne Stone, authors of The Pregnancy Bible with a refreshing new book,  “Your Second Pregnancy.”
Even though the book, published this year,  is penned by doctors, Second Pregnancy stays away from too many medical terminology and jargon and gets right to it, digging into topics parents the second time around may face: the emotional, financial  and practical considerations of adding to the family and provides stats on optimal spacing and the delivers info about the age-range of  women have second pregnancies.  As a person who has strong issues over the age gap, I really enjoyed the discussion of the pros and cons of waiting too long or going for it again sooner than later.
From there, the doctors get into more details about fertility that a first time mother may not have gotten into much especially if she conceived quickly. The book provides ample suggestions on dealing with preparing a sibling for the arrival of a new baby, caring for a sick child that could contaminate you while pregnant, and preparing for life as a two child parent which includes knowing which double stroller and other gear to get to help you manage.
Some of the advice wasn’t new and the approach and offerings were a bit simple in some sections. I would imagine a know-it-all mom would just turn to her library from her first pregnancy if she needed some refreshers on some detail she may have forgotten.
Nonetheless, this book is a quick read and is handy like a resource or reference guide. It could be a good idea to go through it and jot down thoughts and having it is a guide would be quite helpful.  At $18.95, it could also be a good gift to get your spouse who said she only wanted one kid. What a way to nudge her along.
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