Bump Watch: Amber Rose exposing junior to dad’s music

Your Instagram photos will no longer appear on your Tweets as before so you’ll have to go to Amber Rose‘s Instagram feed to catch the latest bump photos that she is fond of sharing with her fans these days.
This week, while exposing junior to the sounds of dad’s new album O.N.I.C. via headphones, she also promoted that very same album by scribbling the name on her belly. 
How about for free advertisement. Papa Wiz Khalifa should pay an ad fee or something! ha! 
He’s probably busy celebrating the fact that the city of Pittsburgh, his hometown, named tomorrow 12-12-12 Wiz Khalifa day for the best-selling rapper. Check out the photo after the proclamation:

Given how much dude loves weed, we can certainly expect to see it rival 4-20 day…well for Pittsburgh weed smokers anyway.

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