Holly Madison, like Kate Middleton, hospitalized for extreme morning sickness

Duchess Kate Middleton isn’t the only pregnant celebrity in the hospital suffering from extreme bouts of morning sickness.  Reality TV star Holly Madison, who is 7-months pregnant with her first child, a girl, with promoter boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, was admitted to the hospital for the same condition, US Weekly reports. 
Madison, who once starred on E! Entertainment’s The Girls Next Door pulled a Rihanna and sent her Twitter fans an Instagram photo of herself with IVs inserted in her arms, most likely to replenish fluids lost from vomiting. Sad. The Peepshow Las Vegas show girl always looks so bright and cheery during events, who knew she was dealing with morning sickness so late in her pregnancy. Traditionally, such symptoms go away after the first 3 to 4 months. For some unlucky few women, it can continue well beyond that period and for some during their entire pregnancy.
Hope they both recover and get better soon. The condition they suffer, hypermesis gravidarum,  is serious but can be managed.

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