Kate Middleton, extreme morning sickness & twin pregnancies: Join Bellyitch’s Google+ Hangout this Wednesday discussing insights

Kate Middleton was released last Thursday from the hospital for extreme morning sickness
Kate Middleton‘s pregnancy has barely advanced to the crest of her first trimester and she is already getting an overwhelming amount of excessive stress. The nonstop media attention and frenzy are indirectly related to the suicide of a London hospital nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, who took her own life after falling victim to a hoax call to Middleton’s hospital room. The pregnancy has spawned nearly a half dozen or more TV specials about pregnancies of Royales and endless articles and bits.
Some will be fluff but others will be substantive and educational. The Duchess of Cambridge‘s pregnancy also represents an opportunity for millions to learn about pregnancy as she goes through it. 
It started with Kate’s hospitalization for hypermesis gravidarum, an extreme form of morning sickness which sometimes requires IV fluids for rehydration.
Bellyitch’s JJ
Join Bellyitch‘s JJ as she hosts the blogs first ever Google Plus Hangout at 6pm ET on December 12 on JJ’s YouTube account where she will be joined by a mom who suffered from hypermesis gravidarum for most of her pregnancy beyond the first trimester. 
Also, joining the conversation is mom and blogger who once worked in an upscale private hospital in Washington, DC, which has delivered hundreds of royals, dignitaries and their wives and daughters. She’ll share some insight on the protocols used to protect the access to high profile patients.
Finally, there is speculation that extreme morning sickness is an early sign of twins pregnancy and we’ll have a mom to a twin join to share her personal twin pregnancy symptoms.
Tune in and if you miss it, we’ll post the video here the next day!

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