Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their first child

Last night, during a performance concert blitz in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Kanye West told the audience, “stop the music and make noise for my baby mama.” His girlfriend, Kim Kardashian was in the audience with her mom   Kris Jenner.  Shortly thereafter, tweets from audience members poured in and Global Grind was the first to report the news around 1am this morning. The rest of the Kardashian family reacted to the news being revealed on Twitter.
Kim K had been hospitalized recently leading to speculation of the pregnancy but her reps did not confirm it perhaps because it was too early in the pregnancy.
Congrats! Babies are blessings irrespective of the sometimes non-idealistic situations that brings them into the world. Kim K has been trying to divorce her ex Kris Humphries but he has been stalling on granting her one so, that makes the entire situation tricky, and a whole lot of messy, but alas that is Hollywood. 
And not to be a feminist or anything about it, but I’ve noticed that since the two have gotten together, he has forced her to change her wardrobe, her look and everything that makes her who she is and that he didn’t even give her the chance to reveal to the world that she is pregnant herself. With most other celeb women in the spotlight, the mom-to-be does it or they’d do it together as a couple. I guess it’s sort of like the public way his god daughter’s mom Beyonce and his ex Amber Rose made a very public announcement but not. 
And of course, one can’t help but to think if the only married sister in the bunch Khloe Kardashian who has been trying for a few years without success to get pregnant while her two sisters manage to get knocked up 3 times now for their boyfriends. *sigh*
Well, the paps will be having a field day with this one for the next 7 months! Let the bump watch begin!

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