Tips for protecting your electronic products from baby


What did parents do before our modern day electronics? Life must have been so much…easier? Buttons are natural baby magnets. Parents did not have to worry about phones being accidentally dropped in toilets, documents being lost by babies accidentally rebooting computers, emails of gibberish being sent to unsuspecting victims, music or apps being purchased by a baby who loves to mash buttons.
In our modern, wired world, our gadgets are a part of our lives. But while we cannot live without them, somehow the convenience they once afforded has become a major inconvenience when a baby is around. While you may have outlet covers on your sockets and locks on all your cabinet drawers, have you been able to protect your electronics?
Computer guard
There is just something about an actual button that just begs a child to push it. Other than the power button, there are also buttons to open CD and DVD drives, and open ports for USB drives, all of which just beg little fingers to explore them.  Aside from just sticking their fingers into holes, little ones also like to stick whatever they can into open spaces, which puts the USB ports in danger of damage. 
If you still have a desktop computer and have not given up in favor of a smaller unit, a child safety PC guard can help shield computers from little fingers by covering the front of the machine and protecting all of the components that would otherwise be tempting and easily damaged.
Smartphone or iPod cover
With the way our phones light up with brightly colored icons, ringtones that are more dance songs than ringers, and video on demand, is it a surprise that little children want to play with them nonstop? You need to think about protecting your investment. After all, the cost of the average smartphone is no drop in the bucket. 
However, we are not talking about one of those stylish, thin cases you get from your cell phone provider that is designed to take the brunt of the occasional accidental drop, but rather a heavy duty case made with the type of abuse a baby can deal in mind. These are not for continuous use. You are not going use this when you need to talk on the phone or slip it into your pocket when you leave the house, but a baby-proof case can help prevent cracked screens, scratches, ground up cookies in your speakers, and other types of baby hazards. Fisher-Price makes a fabulous over-sized baby case that allows your little one to interact with the screen but protects it from everything except water immersion.  They also make a larger version for the iPad.
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