Eco Friday: Mom-to-be Sara Rue plans to green her nursery

About to deliver her first child, Sara Rue has been stocking the baby’s nursery with organic bedding and green products. “We tried to get as much organic stuff as we could — mattresses, cleaners. We’re learning about it. I wish there was someone who could come to our house and just tell us,” says Rue, who’s keeping the sex and the name choices secret. “We have a couple of names that we like. We’re going to take a look at the baby, and whatever the baby looks like we’ll go with that.”
Since the writers on her ABC Friday sitcom, “Malibu Country,” made her character Kim pregnant as well, “Both of us will give birth this season,” says Rue. She’s been working one day a week, and finds “it’s been really good for me. If I wasn’t working I would be obsessing over every little thing so it’s good for me to be busy.” Plus, she’s relishing playing Kim “because anything goes with her. I get to be as over the top as I want to be. It’s really kind of a gift.”
She raves about her cast mates, calling “Malibu Country” the “nicest set I’ve ever been on, and I’ve been on some nice sets. Everyone is really kind to one another. They’ve all offered to babysit and I plan on taking everyone up on it!”

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And read how you can create a green nursery:

Eco-friendly suggestions:

  • Choose a crib made of solid, sustainable wood, treated with non-toxic paint, finishes, or stains.
  • Pick a natural mattress made without petrochemicals, such as those made of wool, organic cotton or 100% natural latex. If you decide to go with a conventional mattress (the natural ones can be a bit more expensive), try to use an organic mattress pad protector as a barrier between baby and the bed.  Also, air it out a couple of months before placing it in the crib (for off-gassing).
  • Use natural fabrics for the bumper and sheets.
  • Wash all bedding with a gentle, natural baby detergent, such as those made by Method or Seventh Generation.

Eco-Friendly paint

  • Choosing which color paint for the walls is a matter of taste; choosing paint with low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) is a matter of health.
  • As paint dries, VOC’s are emitted into the air, giving off gases and chemicals, and creating that strong paint smell. These fumes can be dangerous to a little person’s health.

Eco-friendly suggestions:

  • Choose paints and primers made with low VOCs
  • Try to paint the nursery far in advance, before the baby is born, and open windows to air it out.
  • If you live in a house built before 1978, check for lead in the paint (you can test this with a do-it-yourself kit). 
  • If lead is found, hire professionals who are qualified to correct, and get rid of, lead problems – sanding it or scraping it yourself could hazardously spread lead dust throughout the house.
  • AIR
  • Babies breathe more rapidly than adults do, so they get more pollutants into their little lungs (making them more vulnerable to indoor air pollution).

Eco-friendly suggestions:
Invest in an air purifier to free the space of chemicals, gases, and household allergens.
Open the windows every day to bring in fresh air and circulate out stale air.

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