North Korea’s First lady Ri Sol-ju appeared to have given birth secretly

So by all accounts, it appears that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un may be a dad—and maybe for the second time!
Recall, we posted an image of Jong-un‘s wife Ri Sol-ju looking quit preggers in a black coat.  The picture was a screen capture of a December 17- televised one-year anniversary memorial service her father in law, Kim Jong-il who died December 17, 2011. 
She looked to be full term, yet the government never ever officially announced that she was actually pregnant.
But on New Year’s Day,  Sol-ju appeared on state TV again, this time much slimmer with a noticeably flatter tummy wearing a well-fitted two piece suit with no sign of pregnancy. The before-after image sent the nation into a frenzy with wide speculation that the newest baby was born.
Actually, there are unconfirmed reports that the couple married in 2009 and already have a previous child who is now a big brother or sister. Of course, no one has ever seen the kid.
But the super secretive nation and patriarchal culture only just recently acknowledged that Jong-un had a wife in 2012, like 3 years after they married supposedly. So…who knows when, if ever, the birth of this new kid will be acknowledged. 
I’m hoping they’re not just waiting for the first boy to be born to make some big announcement. hmmmm
Interesting in a weird peculiar sort of way, wouldn’t you say?
–Bellyitch staff

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