Beverley Mitchell enters third trimester shopping & anxious for baby girl

Beverley Mitchell and her sister – WhoSay

Secret Life of an American Teenager  actress Beverley Mitchell has been having a ball shopping for her first child, a daughter, she is expected to deliver this April. 
She posted photos of cute shoes and clothes she has purchased for her soon-to-be born baby with her husband Michael Cameron on her WhoSay account!
Mitchell recently wrote on her blog at People that she has finally settled on the idea of pregnancy and is getting anxious to welcome her new baby as she enters her third and final trimester.

“At the beginning, 40 weeks feels like a long time, then all of a sudden you’re where am I now and have no idea where the time has gone. Especially when you are the clever one who decided that an entire house renovation is a good idea after finding out you’re pregnant… I tend to go big — no small projects for this girl. 

Lucky for me, I have the most patient and organized husband a girl can ask for. He has taken on this ginormous project I have laid in front of him (I can’t help with most of it because I am a bit off-balance with my growing bump) and there is no doubt that we will get it done just in time for Baby Girl to arrive!’


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