Hilarious “Welcome to Motherhood” Rap (VIDEO & LYRICS))

Oh em gee! This Fiat commercial “Welcome to Motherhood” is everything. I know this viral video is a bit dated but I just discovered it today when a friend posted it on my Facebook wall.

Check it out and see the lyrics below the video! Hilarious!

I’d like to welcome you, but now you’re here for good

We go from nappy rash to ending family feuds

And I’m flooding up your timeline with my baby news.

Still got my wardrobe but my thong now itches

Designer sofa but now there’s puke in the stitches

And I’m expressive, I express all the time

Cos the doc said, to not breastfeed is a crime

Tried to get my bod back with some yogalates

Hit up the Zumba class swing by these new pilates

I’m on an Atkins hype, on a Keto diet

I try avoid the bread so I nearly never buy it

Pop a nappy on his butt without a changing matt

CBeebies now my crew and I’m tight with Postman Pat

Sleep deprived and under house arrest

Think Id sell both kidneys just to get some rest

Spent three months in PJs it was clearly a sign

Joined a book club just so I could drink some wine

My sterilisers so dope all my bottles be gleaming

I got a blender out the back so I can start up the weaning

It’s the motherhood, it’s another hood

And once you’re in the club, you’re in for good.

Go from fighting nappy rash to endless doctor queues

And I’m flooding up your timeline with my baby news.

Softplay, Gangster. More G. Than your average mother

I’m a school-run-taker, fairy-cake-baker, deal-maker, orgasm-faker, nit-raker, rattle-shaker,

Cheese-grater, night-time-waker, I’m-a-placater, peacemaker…”

Source: Lybio.net

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