Kim Kardashian is having a worse week than Beyonce

I thought Beyonce was having the best and worst week ever. She snapped back from critics of her Inauguration National Anthem lip sync controversy and started out having an amazing, fabulous and energetic Super Bowl half time performance. She could barely relish in the marvelousness of her show when it quickly got  marred by criticism from PETA over her outfit which was made out of python, leather and iguana skin. Then, images of Tina Turner performing in a similar outfit in 1979 started circulating around. Then, she got accusations that her elaborate Super Bowl production caused the mid game black out and then Buzzfeed and Gawker released unflattering images of her during her performance –even after her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure tried politely to remove them. Sadly, Ms. Noel-Schure did not realize the satirical and  snarky news outlets she was making that request to because if she had, she would not have sent that request.

Then, I see news that the world’s favorite reality TV star they love to hate, Kim Kardashian, has been having a tough time too this week. Shucks!

First, news surfaces that the businesss mogul’s ex husband is  accusing her of  getting pregnant for the sole purpose of speeding up the divorce process.

“Why would [Kim] plan to get pregnant in the midst of divorce proceedings,” asked Marshall Waller, lawyer to her ex NBA’s Kris Humphries during a recent hearing.  Waller then proceeded to object to Kim’s request for expedited treatment and made another demand that the unedited tapes from the Keeping up with the Kardashians E! Reality TV show be released to Humphries for inspection and review.

Humphries and his lawyer are hoping to use raw footage to prove that the marriage was a sham for ratings in the first place and to get Kim to give Kris back his  $2 million engagement ring

Next, reports are out that Kim’s doctor has warned that the stress of the divorce may harm the pregnancy. Very sad, and tough, but homegirl maybe needs to consider slowing down and take a pause from jet setting all over the world, shopping with her boyfriend and “baby daddy,” Kanye West.  Kim’s Instagram photos are filled with fantabulous images of her whirlwind travels. Must. Be. Nice. I’m not hating. Really, I’m not. 

Then, this week, Kim gets lambasted from Twitter and Instagram users for posting an image of her latest blinged out handgun purchase, a diamond encrusted piece of tiny weaponry.

”Kim Kardashian is quite dense, isn’t she? Pledging to support the gun control movement and then uploading pictures of designer handguns… (sic)’, one user posted.

Instagram: Kim Kardashian

She quickly deleted the photo after reading the hail of critical response to its posting. But alas, the Internet is like a friggin digital elephant. It doesn’t forget and there are expert screen capturerers out there that are quick to the draw! (pun intended). It doesn’t even matter that this is not the first time she’s had a handgun on her stream somewhere. The New York Daily news has a piece that included all of her past handgun shares. But it’s the fact she made a statement after the Sandy Hook  shooting that really drove the web crazy!

A pregnant sister can’t catch a break even when she is trying to exercise her Second Amendment rights in style. 

Maybe now may be a time to retreat a little bit and read up on that copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, mama! 

Just a thought.

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