Review: Dear Kate engineered underwear for pregnancy and beyond!

One in 4 women experience bladder leaks.  As many pregnant women know, accidental spillage or incontinence is very common during pregnancy.

Recently, female engineer Julie Sygiel jumped to the task of putting her ingenuity to work and came up with a concept for a light-weight panty that would be breathable, absorbent, hand-washable yet still stylish. And thus the women’s underwear line created for lingerie company Dear Kate featuring leak-resistant underwear was born.
And not just for pregnant ladies either, Dear Kates can be used by active gym-going and yoga-doing moms who may be on their period and want an extra layer of protection and security.  Also, who doesn’t hate that nasty sweat spot that builds up and appears in the crotch area after a particularly fun but active Zumba or Spin class? I know I do!
Dear Kate  leak-resistant undies, with their wicking and stain-releasing inner layers, solve that problem. As a runner, I can truly appreciate clothes that have that wicking technology because it enables active people to keep dry while exerting themselves.
From the review hipster panties I received ( value $35), I could tell immediately these undies were masterfully crafted. The stitching on the panties are of superior quality which is great because it means they would last through many washes. Also, the crotch area does feel gentle to the touch and not weighty at all. That is a plus because ordinarily when you’d think of something that is absorbent  you may expect something bulky. 
The sample complimentary pair felt comfortable when worn and the elastic band did not cut into the skin which is a plus because if you are pregnant the least thing you need is yet another something poking into your body -inside or from without! ha!
They sell a variety of styles including sexy lingerie versions as well.  And they’re American made! Bonus!
Good job Dear Kate for a wonderfully ingenious product. Bumps up from Bellyitch for this woman-designed product! Girls make the best things for girls, after all!
You can purchase a pair of Dear Kates online HERE or from several retailers nationwide. Check out the full list HERE!.

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