Earth Day: Plant a Tree and Give Back to Mother Earth

Today is Earth Day, a day started in 1970 to draw attention to mother Earth and remind its human inhabitants to do a better job at preserving her. Typically, in year’s past, people commemorate the day by turning off the lights, recycling and planting a tree.
This year, I lucked out and got a tree planted for me on my behalf and in my name! I’m going to have to make a trek to go visit it someday!

Back Story: When I attended my first BlogHer Conference in New York last fall, I signed up to participate in Dole‘s campaign with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. I even won a Spring Garden kit as part of it.

I learned last week that the partnership planted a brand new orchard for the United Indian Health Services Community and included one in my name! *sniff* beautiful!

Here are a few other pics from the planting.

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