Bumpwatch: Kim Kardashian, Back in Paris and in Red

After having a brief meal with the vacationing Kardashian clan in Greece, Kanye West whisked his girlfriend Kim Kardashian off back to Paris, France with him where he is recording his next album, US Weekly  reports.

TMZ also reports that the couple have foregone a traditional baby registry and are requesting well-wishers, family and friend instead donate to Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital  where West grew up. Aww. That’s nice.

Kim looked awesome in a red maxi dress. 

Another recent report says the couple checked out a local hospital ward while in Paris, indication that either Kim may have her baby there or they are checking out options just in case. Traditionally, doctors recommend against flying after 32 weeks of pregnancy too far from the hospital or birthing center you will deliver at, and also to avoid the risk of going in labor while on a plane. 

Miss jet-setter may have to finally slow down and cool her horses or settle in Paris. Not a bad place to enter the world, I’d say. 

photo: US Weekly

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