Kate Middleton: The Royal Duchess’ due date keeps the bookie business booming

Kate Middleton‘s impending delivery of her and Prince William‘s first child is driving up the Bookie biz! 
A popular guess is July 17. Although the gender is not known (or not revealed to be known), many are hedging bets she is having a girl. 
If the baby is a girl, Betters think she will be named Diana after William’s mom the late Lady Di with Alexandra, Charlotte and Elizabeth coming in behind that name. 
Meanwhile, the favored name for a boy is George.
Some gamblers are guessing a different time period thinking that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince may be fudging the due date for privacy reasons because Princess Diana delivered 10 days before her due date.
However, real moms and the medical community know very well that babies don’t always arrive on their due date.
Time will tell…and pay! ha!
Check out a Reuters video on the topic:

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