Save Time/Money with This $149 Pre-Filled Maternity Hospital Bag You Can Win Here

kiwi maternity bag


One of the last things you will have to do as you approach your due date is pack your hospital bag. This task will entail going to the store to pick up supplies, going around the house gathering items or digging in drawers and on top of shelves pulling out items to go in the bag.  You will also have to do some internet surfing  to find hospital bag checklists and narrow down the perfect items for you and your needs. Then, you will have to find the time and energy and get motivated enough to actually pack the bag. Phew!

Now, if you are working up until your due date, you will need to find moments in between work and other things on your to do list to put this bag together. It can be daunting.


Fortunately for the busy expecting working mom, the mom who has another child or children to care for or who just doesnt’ have the time, energy or interest to undertake this task, there is an option in the Kiwi Maternity Pre-Packed Hospital Bag. The bag is the mastermind of mom to two Anita Koppuzhayil, who co-founded a maternity brand with her husband after her first pregnancy.

kiwi maternity co founders

Anita Koppuzhayil, daughters Aria and Ava, and husband Roshan


Actually, two inventions came from her experiences.  She struggled to put on and off her pantie during her third trimester.Out of necessity, Anita designed a panty that could be put on and taken off without having to bend over and step into them.


She created a prototype of the panty she calls the Aria Maternity Pant and tested them out on herself during her second pregnancy.  The panty sells  for just $19.99 on her website.  The bag is more but still worth the price.


The bag alleviates the stress and pressure of assembling a Hospital Bag. All the must-have items are hand-selected and curated for moms-to-be and delivered in a kiwi/light olive green colored high quality nylon bag that comes with a detachable shoulder strap, an interior zippered pocket and to interior slip pockets. The duffel measures 17.75″ x 8.25″ x 12.5″.

Inside, you’ll get:

✿ Contact Lens Case
✿ Colgate Toothbrush X 2
✿ Colgate Toothpaste
✿ Scope Mouthwash
✿ Hair Brush
✿ Hair Ties X 2
✿ Cosmetics Bag (To Pack Your Own Makeup If You Wish)
✿ Kleenex Tissues
✿ Bic Silky Disposable Razor
✿ Socks With Grip (1 Pair)
✿ Stress Ball
✿ Eye Mask
✿ Mead Notepad
✿ Bic Pens X 2
✿ Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Therapy
✿ Lansinoh Nursing Pads X 6
✿ Depend Silhouette Underwear X 2
✿ Preparation-H Wipes X 5
✿ Purell Hand Sanitizer
✿ Lubriderm Lotion
✿ Degree Deodorant
✿ Carmex Lip Balm
✿ Thank You Cards X 2
✿ Nalgene Water Bottle 24 oz (BPA Free)
✿ CLIF Bar X 1
✿ KIND Bar X 1
✿ Pringles
✿ Altoids Mints
✿ Q-tips
✿ Trial Size Empty Bottles X 3 (For Shampoo, Soap Etc.)

There is also a sheet where you can fill in contact information and other details  for your various healthcare providers.  The bag could also make an excellent baby shower gift and it costs just $149.00 which is below the cost of the purchasing all the items and the bag individually.


The bag saves the time, money and frustration of putting your hospital bag together with our ready-to-go tote, stocked with 31 essential items in brands that you know and trust. The bag is as chic as it is spacious, and you will love using it long after your hospital stay. It also can be used as a diaper bag or travel bag after you check out!

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Kiwi Maternity Pre-Packed Hospital Bag ($149)