Not Your Grandma’s Nappy, Review: These Cloth Diapers are Revolutionary


Cloth diapers have come a long way from the ones your great grandmother might remember.

Case in point: the award winning designed Bambino Mio.

Unlike traditional cloth diapers, the brand sells super absorbent cloth diapers with Velcro fastening to enable a snug fit. And another benefit is that they are better for the environment. Bambino Mio skips on the chemical gels found in disposable diapers and of course because they are reusable, they are more cost efficient than traditional diapers.

Next up for review! These awesome cloth diapers by @bambinomio ! We loved them! Look for the review on the blog today.

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We were sent a pair to review and we loved the design. Our initial concern was about the holes for the legs. We thought they would be bit too big for a small baby or almost premie which is true, so a smaller newborn would need to pick up in size, then they can use the diaper just fine.

We also feared the diapers would leave an indentation or mark on baby’s legs if put on too tightly, but that was not the case for our tests. They fit fine without any sign the baby was uncomfortable and it dint leave any lines or indentations from being too tight.miosolo-lifestyle-all-2015-prints-stack-2

The nappies, as they are called in the UK where the company that makes them originates, come in an assortment of fun colors. The quality appear top notched and pretty durable.

There are two different sizes: the misolo for small babies which is a one piece and the miosoft made of two pieces. At about $20US each, that’s a steal considering how much one box of disposable diapers cost and they only last for about a month. Bambino Mio also sells three packs and an entire kit.


They also sell accessories like detergent, waterproof mattress covers, diapers pails, potties, and other essentials. Get it on the store website or at our partners at