What Hot Moms Named J.Lo Wear on Weekends


It’s weekend! Time for kids activities, practices and games, trips to the mall, hikes and journeys to visit friends and family or join in celebration. It’s highly likely that you’ll be spending your downtime in sweats, yoga pants, comfy jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes.

But will you be looking like Jennifer Lopez? At 47-years young, she has a sick body, and a long list of boy toys (though the current one is retired major league baseball player Alex Rodriguez we hear).

We spotted the hot mama in a cropped white top showing off her insanely ripped and toned abs, a pair of Lululemon yoga pants and Neon Green Nike trainers, oh and of course, naturally, carrying a $ 7,000 white Hermes Birkin bag, the ultimate luxury tote for a woman of means, wealth and influence.

If only…right? Well, actually, if you can, why not!? Look! SHOP!

Saint Patrick’s Day: How to Make your DIY Shamrock Shake


The Shamrock Shake is a favorite seasonal dessert served at McDonald‘s in early winter thru Saint Patrick’s Day (and a few weeks after)

All you need is four ingredients: Vanilla Ice Cream, Peppermint Extract, Half & Half and green food coloring. It would only take 5 minutes top!

Add two heaping scoops of ice cream to a blender, pour in one quarter of a cup of half & half,  add 5 drops of peppermint extract and 5-6 drops of green food coloring for the green tint. If you want, you can add one more ingredient: a cherry to garnish on top. Oh yeah, and whipped cream to top.

Voila! PopSugar did a simple video to show you how:

These Saint Patrick’s Day-Themes Nail Art are Cutest


If you’re one of those people who is not an adventurous dresser but go all out on your nail art, you’re gonna love these Saint Patrick’s Day themed nail designs we curated over on our DIY Nails board. 

These are my fave:

img_3320 img_3328 img_3331 img_3337


Kim Kardashian West Figured Out Which Social Media Is Responsible for Paris Robbery


By now, most agree that Kim Kardashian-West’s love of social media and sharing many aspects of her life played a role in robbers being able to track her movements during Paris Fashion Week last year.

The Reality TV star and business mogul was tied up, bound and gagged, and robbed of millions in jewelry in a home she rented while in town.

Following the incident, she took a long hiatus from the public and in recent teasers for the new season of her show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the “Selfie” author revealedwhy she thinks her Snaps were the source of the problem.

Apparently, she had been sharing snaps upon arriving in Paris

“If you wait across the street, you can see the lights on because we’re the first floor. So they must’ve been told we’re the first floor. They definitely were watching. So, I turned the lights off and went upstairs,” she explained. T

“What I think happened now, after thinking about it so much, is that there was probably a group of guys who were following us the entire trip.

“I was Snapchatting that I was home and that everyone was going out.
“I think they knew [bodyguard] Pascal was out with Kourtney and that I was there by myself.

“They had to have known we were leaving that day. They had this window of opportunity and just went for it.”

While she was out for awhile, after firing her security team and taking a break and regrouping, she’s back on Snapchat but most likely taking better precautions.

She doesn’t share instant moments any longer it seems.

The social media app allows you to upload images and videos from your camera taken and stored on the phone earlier. 

5 Steps to a Chic Saint Paddy’s Day Look


Are you an expecting fashionista who is planning on hitting a Saint Patrick’s Day party tomorrow or simply wants to be festive for the Irish holiday and dress in green?

You might not want to go with a big bright green top but there are creative ways to work the color green in your outfit. We’ve got your 5-step Saint Patrick’s Day Fashion Tips:

Step 1: The easiest option is to throw on a green duster, cardigan or jacket in any shade. We like mint, olive and Army greeen.

Step 2: Alternative to outerwear, you can sneak green in your accessories like his a clutch, medicine bag or tote.

Step 3: Mix it up with red ballet flats or go bold with leopard print pumps, clutch or scarf.

Step 4: Add some chunky jewelry and a funky hat, maybe.

Step 5: Polish it off with a lucky 🍀 shamrock and you’re set!

Have fun!

Photos: Seraphine , Shopping K Blush, Harpers Bazaar

Lauren McBride, Outfitted 411, Little Blonde Book, Northeast Girl

Yeah Baby Sign Language Is Still a Thing and Here’s How to Do It

Bellyitch Rewind


As your infant gets older, she will start to understand her own feelings and needs better, but she still won’t be able to effectively share them with you yet. It can be frustrating for both of you when she’s trying to communicate with you, but hasn’t developed the verbal skills needed to successfully let you know what she needs and wants. Baby sign language can bridge the communication gap and give your baby a way to let you know what’s on her mind. It helps you more quickly understand what your child is trying to say and avoids many of the tantrums and meltdowns that frustration over not being able to communicate brings on. It also is a wonderful way to connect and bond with your baby.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of signing with your infant.

  1. Make it fun. Above all, signing is a way of connecting and bonding with your baby. When you make signing a natural part of your day with him and turn learning time into fun time, you’ll see the best results. Children learn best through play, so introduce and practice the signs during play and relaxation time. You can incorporate signs into songs, word plays and other fun activities you already do with your child.
  2. Don’t expect a response too early. You can start signing to your baby as early as you want to, however, infants aren’t able to understand or respond to your efforts until at least 8 months old. For many, it could be months later. Like any other way of communicating, there isn’t anything wrong with introducing it early and practicing it often. Just don’t pressure your child to embrace signing until he’s ready.
  3. Be realistic about your expectations. Some babies will have more of a natural interest in learning sign language. Others may enjoy the bonding time and interactions with you, but may not latch on to baby sign language as their way of communicating. Let your baby lead the way. Baby sign language is only one way to communicate with your child. If your child doesn’t jump on the signing bandwagon, don’t worry. With time and attention you and your child will develop a system that works for you.
  4. Don’t overwhelm your baby with too many new signs at once. It’s easy to get excited about signing and want to show your baby more and more signs each day. This is especially true if your child has been frustrated at not being able to verbalize his feelings, wants and needs to you and now he suddenly can. However it’s helpful to focus on a few key signs and allow your child time to master those before moving onto additional ones. Soon he’ll have a full signing vocabulary.
  5. Share the signs with other caregivers. Teach anyone else who is caring for your child which signs are his favorites. This can avoid some tearful moments when Grandma or Aunt Maude is babysitting. If your child has gotten used to requesting milk or more cereal through signing, it’s frustrating when the adult he’s trying to communicate with doesn’t understand him. This also gives friends and family members a wonderful way of connecting and bonding with your child.
  6. Start with signs related to things your baby is already interested in. Of course babies will naturally be drawn to learning signs that represent the things in their lives they’re already interested in. Mom, Dad, milk, more, dog and cat often top the list. When choosing which signs to introduce, take your cues from your baby. If he regularly has two cups of milk at lunch time, the sign for more is probably a great one for him to know. If he loves cuddling and playing with Huck, the family dog, the sign for dog will help him communicate his love for his playmate.
  7. Talk, talk, talk with your child too. Signing is a great way to expand your child’s ability to communicate with you, but signing should always be accompanied by talking. By speaking your thought as you sign, you help your child develop important whole language skills. Knowing both the word and the sign for things will help him easily transition from non-verbal to verbal communication.

Baby sign language is an effective and fun way to communicate with your infant. It helps you better understand what your child feels, wants and needs long before he’s able to tell you in words. This helps both of you avoid a lot of frustration and promotes a foundation of great communication between you and your baby.

Internet Star GloZell’s Reveals Her Surrogate Miscarried Second Baby

After being told by several doctors that she would never have children, celebrity YouTube vlogger GloZel Green and her husband used a surrogate who successfully got pregnant and carried their first child to term in 2016.

Green and her husband Kevin Simon welcomed daughter O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon  via surrogate on August 2015.


Coming off the back of that success, the 45 year old Internet comedian, most famous forever signature green lipstick, recently announced this past January that her same surrogate, Shawna Johnson, a married mom of two, was pregnant with another baby.


Sadly though, on Valentine’s Day, GloZell discovered that Shawna was going to miscarry. It turns out her HCG hormone levels that are supposed to double every few days as a sign of a healthy pregnancy did not increase but had been lessening, she explained on a YouTube video posted on the video curation site Awestruck a few weeks ago.

With her infant daughter in hand, GloZell announced that the surrogate was miscarrying slowly because she had been taking medication to help sustain a fertilized embryo that had been implanted in her uterus.  Despite the fact that GloZell was adamant about not going through the surrogate process if there was a failure, Johnson insisted that said she wanted to try again and therefore the journey to bay #2 continues. That’s so awesome!

Godspeed to the (hopefully growing) family.

photos: courtesy GloZell

Pregnant College Athlete’s Modeling Dreams Cut Short by Freak Train Accident

model-killedA 19 year old pregnant Volleyball athlete and college co-ed  from Texas would have turned 20 this past Monday but for a tragic train accident last Friday as she was chasing her childhood dreams of becoming a model.

Fredzania “Zannie” Thompson of College Station, Texas was posing for a photo session on the train tracks in a city 80 miles north of Houston last Friday, March 10 when she heard a train approaching and scampered out of the way to avoid it.

Only she was hit by an oncoming train heading in the other direction and died en route to the hospital, TheEagle.com reports. Witnesses say she was struck in between the two tracks seen in her very last photo taken before the horrific incident. The photos, taken by a friend of a friend and “were to be the beginning of a portfolio the young woman was hoping to use in her pursuit of a modeling career,” the Eagle notes.

Thompson’s 25-year old fiance Earl Chatman said they found out about the pregnancy weeks ago. He set up a GoFundMe account to seek help to offset burial expenses.  He told the Eagle that Thompson had been offered several modeling opportunities in the past, but had turned them down.

He shared how she called him only two weeks ago to share the pregnancy news with him and was crying happy tears.

“She said, ‘You’re going to be a dad again,'” he said, sharing also how Thompson deeply loved his 7-year-old son, who would have become her stepson.

She seemed to be a motherly figure to him, Chatman said, and the boy has been troubled by her death.

“He woke up crying this morning,” Chatman told the paper. “He thought [her death] was a dream.”

Both Thompson’s mother and fiance said she was kind, welcoming and loved her friends. She would help anyone who was hurting and give them advice.


Per reports, Thompson was an athlete at Navasota High School and had earned several athletic scholarships choosing to attend Blinn College in Bryan, Texas.

“She was more interested in modeling,” her mother, Hakamie Stevenson, said. “That’s definitely what she wanted to do. It’s what she had started to do the day she was deceased.

Thompson’s family posted the last photo she took before getting killed on Facebook which was posted on a funeral home’s home page.

How chilling and sad. May her soul rest in peace. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Photos: Facebook/GoFundMe

SXSW: Mashable House’s Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement Backdrop Was a Hit Sunday!



The popular music and tech festival South by Southwest (SXSW) is going down this week thru March 19th and there are a ton of fun things going on and other interactive exhibits and destinations.

Tech site Mashable rented a home and among the very cool exhibits is a Beyonce Pregnancy announcement display! Hilare!

On Sunday, conference attendees that strolled through the Mashable House got a chance to get outfitted in a veil and take a photo in a \a backdrop nearly identical to the one in Queen Bey’s now-iconic pregnancy reveal.

Here are some fun photos from the day:

Come to SXSW they said…#blessed #twins #Mashablehouse #beyoncépregnant

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h/t Buzzworthy

Would You Wear The Plastic Knee Mom Jeans That Rocked the Internets?


We are a big proponent of the “mom jeans” and have blogged about their resurgence as a genuine chic options here and here and here.

But the new viral mom jeans is taking the cake!

Topshop (and also its distributor Nordstrom) is getting a lot of ribbing on the Internet for its mom jeans that has plastic knees cut out to accommodate the mom who is kneeling often while doing housework, playing with her kids and the like. Um…yeah.

It’s not cheap either. The acid wash, denim, high waist, tapered leg jeans with multiple pockets croppable pants are machine washable and run $95!   Wowza!

They are called the  ‘MOTO clear plastic mom jeans” and can be purchased today at TopShop HERE!  Would you wear them? Hit us up in social media and let us know.

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photo: Elisa Bellino