How to Identify if Your Kid is Being Bullied and Take It On


Once upon a time, bullying was regarded as a natural part of childhood and frequently attributed to “kids being kids.” These days, however, bullying is making headlines. Awareness of bullying and the inherent dangers it can pose has risen dramatically, but that doesn’t stamp the problem out altogether.

With modern technology making it easier than ever for bullies to access their victims around the clock, it’s important for a parent to understand and recognize signs of bullying. Bullying can range from physically attacking someone to verbally assaulting them and from gossiping about people to cyber bullying them

Cyber bullying includes harassing or intimidating behavior via emails, text messages or social media sites. Because you can’t protect your child from everything she’ll encounter when you’re not there with her, it’s best to teach your child appropriate ways of avoiding such encounters or, if necessary, standing up to a bully without physical retaliation.


Children who are bullied are at an increased risk of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. According to a study published in the Archives of Pediatric Medicine, children who are bullied are also more likely to contemplate suicide. If you notice your child complaining of aches and pains as a way of avoiding school, or if you notice abnormal bumps and bruises, it’s time to start asking questions. If they can’t explain certain injuries, missing articles of clothing or poor school performance, a bully might be the culprit. If your child is old enough to use social media sites, check in with them in regards to online accounts as well. Set boundaries and request access to the sites if things aren’t adding up.


If you suspect that your child is being bullied, start a conversation that allows him to speak freely without fear of judgment. Encourage him to speak up about his concerns regarding what’s going on at school. Ask him to describe the occurrences, how often they happen and who is involved. Ask him if any other children or adults have witnessed the accounts and find out what he has done so far to try and stop the bullying. Brainstorm ideas of how to avoid encountering harassing situations. Involve your child in this conversation; it will help them visualize appropriate ways of responding to a pestering bully. Be supportive in the discussion, but remain calm. It might be heart wrenching to hear your child talk openly about these types of situations, but it is important to be a calm influence, rather than another angry voice.
Socialize, Mobilize, Empathize

Encourage your child to stick with a group of friends when walking home from school, riding the bus or eating lunch in the cafeteria. Let your child know that it’s okay to ask adults or other school officials to accompany them. Bullies tend to target kids that stand out. Encouraging new hobbies and interests might help your child make new friends and find a circle of people with similar interests. If the bully is persistent, don’t endorse verbal retaliation or physical violence. Teach them and encourage them to maintain their composure, tell them to turn and walk away.

Children start to learn to empathize at an early age. Encouraging your child to empathize with the bully is a way of teaching compassion. If compassion is present, forgiveness is soon to follow, which can remove much of the emotional burden of being bullied. At the very least, it may help reduce the long term psychological effects of having been bullied as a child.

Keep checking in with your child, even if it seems the bullying has subsided. Sometimes kids will become embarrassed that the harassment has continued and may feel both hopeless to stop it and mortified that they are repeatedly a target. Keep the lines of communication open. If the bullying hasn’t ceased, contact the appropriate authorities.

Getting the school principal, bus driver or class teacher involved and aware of the problem is a good start, and will provide extra sets of eyes and ears when you can’t be with your child. It is also worth an attempt to contact the parents of the bully. Be prepared for a defensive response or outright denial, however. Many parents find it difficult or impossible to believe that they could raise a bully and may refuse to accept the situation on principle. By making them aware of the problem and attempting to calmly enlist their help in remedying the difficult situation your child is in, you may be able to get the parents of your child’s bully involved in a way that will have a lasting impact.

POWER’s Naturi Naughton is Counting Down to Baby and Still Slaying and Working Hard


Even though actress Naturi Naughton is counting down the days until she welcomes her first child with her longtime beau Ben, she hasn’t stopped working.

In fact, the petite bombshell has been making the rounds at Upfronts and other talk shows promoting this season of her hit STARZ network show, POWER.

Naughton, who is also famously known for being one of the three original band members of the 2000s R&B singing group “3LW” along with Adrienne Bailon, plays the family matriarch on the show opposite football player turned actor Omari Harwick who serve’s as Naturi’s onscreen husband. James “Ghost” St. Patrick. 

A few weeks back on June 26, she stopped by ABC network morning show Good Morning America to promote the show alongside her co-star and the show’s executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who plays villain and  Ghost’s arch nemesis Kanan.

On her character, Naughton explains, “Tasha really evolves. She becomes a stronger woman,” adding about the power couple mom who must stay strong and take over the family when her husband is sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. “She also kind of takes control as a mother. Ghost is in prison and, honestly, she has to pick up the pieces. When you watch this season, you’re going to be like, ‘He left her with a bunch of mess.’ We don’t know what to do because our lives are kind of shaken.”

Host Robin Roberts sent the mom to be off with some gifts including  onesies with the words “Girls Have Power” and “I Love Uncle 50” with a tray of Rice Krispy Treats which Naughton expressed in an recent interview has been on of her pregnancy cravings.


These Kids, Maternity & Baby Stuff Deals Are going FAST!


So Groupon wasn’t interested in letting Amazon Prime have all the fun! It is hosting its own doorbuster mid season sale and today is the Friday.

The deal site is offering its  usual up to 85% off on select local deals, activities, goods and more.

During this week and ending on July 15 for some offers and July 18 for others, the Black Friday Bonanza, has even deeper pricing cuts across tons of deals from tech, toys, home, auto, beauty and also… gifts! It’s really never too early to start shopping for holidays gift and beat the rush.

Just a heads up though, hot deals will have an earlier end date (noted in red text).


We scoped out the hundreds of items on sale and picked out a few steals for parents, moms and expecting women.


  1.  Children’s Urinal Pottty Removable Toilet Pee Training – $39.42 down to $6.99

2. Spectra S2 Hospital-Grade Double Electric Breast Pump – 180 down to $116.99 (ends 7/15) – $119.99 down to $74.99
3. BenBat Kids’ Hardshell Backpack and Lunch Bundle (2-Piece)
4. Striker-X 720p HD Camera RC Drone – from 159 to $49.99
5.  Adelina Designer Double Stroller – From$199.99 to $84.99
6. Licensed Maserati 6V Children’s Ride-On Car from $299 to $154.99

7. Ergonomic 360 Cool Air Breathable Baby Carrier from $179. to $89

  1. Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with WiFi from $179.99 to $129.99
  2. Portable Toilet Potty Training Ladder Step Seat with Anti-Skid Feet From $59.99 to $18.99

  3. Kids Infant Lil’ Loo Potty Training Toilet From $19.99 to $8.79

  4. Let’s Learn to Read 10-DVD Collection by Rock ‘N Learn From $129 to $29.99

12. Nursing Bra for Breastfeeding with Bra Extender for Maternity Clothes From $35.99 to $19.88


13 Carter’s Boy’s Water Sneakers From $30 to $15.9913. 

14 Over-the-Shoulder Maternity Dress From $69.99 to $29.99

15. Women’s Maternity Ruched Tunic Tank Tops (3-Pack) From $69.99 to $34.99

  1. Women’s Cowl Neck Ruched Maternity Dress From $79.99 to $24.99

17. Women’s Maternity Maxi Dress with Tummy-Support Band From $76.50 to $24.99


Rumi and Sir Carter Confirmed: And Now Us Peons Try Decoding Their Sex (An Exercise)


Just because Beyonce has revealed the names of her twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, early this morning doesn’t mean she is done dangling Swarovski –encrusted carrots in our faces.

We still don’t know the sex of the babies.

Now when TMZ revealed earlier this month  that Beyonce’s trademark holding company BGK Trademark Holdings (Beyonce Gisele Knowles) sought to claim Rumi and Sir Carter, TMZ also assumed then the babies were a girl and boy.


Perhaps they jumped the shark and we all joined in! Hmmmm. * side eye emoji *

The name Rumi appears to be homage to a 13th century Persian poet by that name — and Sir happens to be referenced in one of his most famous poems:

“Bring the pure wine of
love and freedom.
But sir, a tornado is coming.
More wine, we’ll teach this storm
A thing or two about whirling.”

Sir is a very masculine name as knighted men are called Sir and as we know in formal chatter men are called sir and women are called madame.


The trademarks are for fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls, rattles and novelty items.

Hair ribbons?! Girl no?!

Thus Boy & Girl. Right!?


It is still not clear and apparently, people are fighting about it in social media.

A friend of mine and I had a lengthy convo this morning about this very subject when she asked me to confirm the sex of the babies.



She pointed out the fact that it looks like the  emoji’s on her caption are two boys.

img_8465But the baby emoji is gender neutral.


And she pointed out that Bey is wearing a purple and blue robe and purple is a color often associated with girls as well,  so there is that also.


And I learn from the Internet that the clothing is from a Spanish designer Paloma Spain who is known for androgynous clothing

Is this an ode to the late great Prince or something?


Long story short, no, Bey is not done messing with us.


I agree with Sarran at this point:


And here, take my hashtags to commemorate and celebrate this moment. Feel free to grab any to accompany your photos sharing the occasion today.

#SirCarter #RumiCarter #shedoneitagain #TheCarterEmpire #Beyhive #IWantABoyAndGirlToFightForTruth #BabiesOfInstagram #BabiesThatSlay #TheCarterThrone #HeirToTheThrone #Teambeyonce #QueenBeyonce #MrsCarter #BGKC #444 #ShawnCartersSpawns #SpawnOfShawnCarter #BeyoncegGselleKnowlesCarter #Beyhydration #Beystan #Kingbey #HoneyBey #Slayoncé #Beyinspired #Bowdown #BeyoncéKnowles #Flawless #Fierce

Beyonce Introduces Twins on Their One Month Birthday


Happy One Birthday to Sir And Rumi Carter who made their public debut today when shortly after midnight, their mom Beyonce posted on her Instagram a gloriously extra portrait of herself holding the two blessings.

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. 🙏🏽❤️👨🏽👩🏽👧🏽👶🏾👶🏾

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

It didn’t take long for the photo, captioned “Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today” to get 4 million likes and that was before the dawn of a new day on the East Coast.

We predict another Instagram like record to be shattered.

Mrs. Knowles broke the last record when she announced the pregnancy with the twins in the first place at the beginning of the year.

That photo garnered 6.3 Million likes in about 8 hours “!

This Internet-breaking photo also confirmed what TMZ first reported: the names of the twins.

The celebrity gossip’s sites sleuths discovered recently that the same company that tried to trademark Blue Ivy had applied to protect Sir Carter and Rumi Carter’s names at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Editor’s Note: I want to give a shout out to insominia for learning of this news so early. I woke up at 4 am, took a shower, scrubbed my bathtub, put some shower curtains and then a couple sets of sheets in the washer, and braided my daughter’s hair before finally turning on my phone to see my friend who is CNN’s Entertainment Digital maven share the news. H/T to the phenomenal Lisa France. Now I can fall asleep happy. LOL!


National French Fry Day: Take this Quiz on Fast Food Fries


Thursday was National French Fry Day and Friday is Bastille Day, a celebratory holiday in France, America’s oldest ally. In honor of National French Fry Day, a bunch of chains gave away free french fries.

If you missed it, you can still get free fries from McDonald’s through September 29 after downloading its app. You get an order of free medium fries Friday and every Friday through Sept. 29 at participating McDonald’s. Also, for the entire month of July you can get $1 off an order of chili cheese fries at Wienerschnitzel using this coupon.

We thought we’d celebrate both holidays by testing our readers on their knowledge of French Fries. Take this quiz and see how well you know America’s favorite golden tasty crisp comfort food.


Celeb RoundUp: Knocked Up Talk Show Hosts, Kim K Defends Herself Again & More


We stalk follow your fave celeb so you don’t have to. Here is a round up of those expecting, those coping with social media bullying and in between:

One of our fave stars Julia Stiles is expecting her first child with her fiance since Christmas 2015, Preston J. Cook. (E!Online)

Kim Kardashian West is fervently defending (she posted three times) those who criticized her for dressing daughter North in a corset, so they thought. It was a costume and not a real corset. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Daytime panel TV Talk show hosts are expanding their families as well…

Sarah Hines of The View is expecting baby umber 2! (E! Online)

Also, Daphne Oz of CBS‘s The Chew is pregnant with her third child. Her pops Dr. Oz is probably so excited as well.  (E!Online)

Educator Schools: Two Ways East Asian Parents Are Different From Us


Editor’s Note: I’m still reading The Drive to Learn: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Raising Students Who Excelbut in the meantime, its author, scholar Dr. Cornelius Grove offers this guest post to school us American parents on two ways East Asian parents approach schooling and educating children differently:

You’re the parent of a young child. You know that a solid education is critical to their future. But, right now, the U.S. ranks 17th in education, behind not only Asian nations but many Western nations too – even Russia. So what, as a parent, can you do?

For your child, you are probably taking all the steps recommended: You read to them; you require them to finish their homework; you communicate regularly with their teacher. You hope to instill in them, during these impactful early years, the habit of attaining academic excellence.

However. there are additional things you should be doing. But basic to what you do is how you think about your child’s learning. Americans have a distinctive way of thinking about these things, quite different from how people elsewhere think about children’s learning, like in East Asia. Their children learn more than ours. So how do people in nations at the top of the school rankings think differently?

For decades, East Asian students have excelled in the international rankings, Here are two ways in which East Asians think differently from us:

1. Children should “fit” schools; schools should not “fit” children. In the U.S. during the early 1900s, the idea grew that schools should “fit” the desires and interests of their students.  Educators’ focus shifted from teaching skills effectively towards teaching them appealingly.  Parents began to expect “child-centered” learning and, recently, began worrying that students are stressed by homework. Americans came to expect schools to adapt to, or “fit,” their students.

In East Asia, making schools fit students has not been a goal. Citizens believe that what schools teach is very important and must be taught thoroughly. Students are expected to strive for mastery.  These beliefs are motivated both by concern for students’ futures, and by concern for their standing as worthy members of their education-focused families. For instance, when children finish their homework, they continue studying using parent-purchased workbooks. In these and other ways, parents help children adapt to schools’ stringent expectations.

The East Asian perspective leads to parental behavior rarely seen in the U.S.:

  • East Asian parents view academic learning as each child’s most important responsibility within the family.
  • During each child’s first years of schooling, parents think of themselves as actively sharing that responsibility with their children.
  • Parents don’t simply encourage children’s studying; they coach, train, and drill them so that academic excellence is assured.
  • If a child performs poorly, her parents participate with her to diagnose what had not been done correctly, and then to master that skill.

2. Children perform well academically, or not, depending on their effort. East Asians know that individuals have – or lack – a range of inborn abilities, but they don’t consider this important in explaining children’s school performance.

American parents focus on inborn abilities. At first they don’t know what these are, but they think it’s vital to find out. They provide the child with a range of experiences so that unique abilities can emerge. Parents assume that each child must rely throughout life on the abilities he’s been given. They see each child as shaped much more by inner factors than by anyone’s effort.

East Asian parents focus on a child’s effort. They view children as malleable, which means “able to be changed, without breaking, into a new shape through the application of effort.” Parents believe it’s their responsibility to shape each child and direct her onto an advantageous life course.  They should do this because they understand their community’s values. They can do this because their child is malleable – and capable of persevering effort.

The East Asian perspective leads to parental behavior rarely seen in the U.S.:

  • East Asian parents govern children’s use of time, insuring that a majority of their waking hours are devoted to academic learning.
  • Parents never pump up their children’s self-esteem; they know that self-esteem grows naturally as the result of outstanding performances.
  • Parents actively instruct, mold, direct, and train children, insuring that they know the “how to” of academic skills.
  • Parents don’t worry that persevering academic effort will harm their child physiologically or psychologically.

As the parent, what can you do? If you believe that masterful capacity to learn is your greatest gift to your child, be guided by East Asians’ ways of thinking and remember these five tips:

  1. You and your child are responsible for his academic prowess.
  2. The habit of persevering study must be set early in life.
  3. Insure mastery of basic processes; do not fear drilling.
  4. Pay relentless attention to correcting each learning shortfall.
  5. Don’t inflate his self-esteem; instead, insure that he earns it.

Dr. Cornelius Grove, managing partner of the consultancy Grovewell, is also an independent scholar and author of iconoclastic books on education including his latest, The Drive to Learn: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Raising Students Who Excel. For more information, please visit, and connect with Dr. Grove on Twitter, @corneliusngrove.

The 2017 Espys Red Carpet & Winners


The 25th annual ESPY Awards celebrating the best in sports went down yesterday night.

Among the winners were our current Bellyitch Bumpwatch mom, Serena Williams who won for “Best Female Tennis Player” and Bumpwatch alum Candace Parker who won for Best WNBA player.

Famous dads we’ve featured on the blog also won, including LeBron James who won for Best Basketball player and our new fave Cristiano Ronaldo was nominated for best male Athlete.

The Sports award show was held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

We also enjoyed seeing several other alums amd their partners or spouses on the Red Carpet like:

img_8443Ayesha Curry (with husband Golden State Warriors star player Steph Curry) in a sexy sequined jumpsuit.

Three time gold medalinf beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh. 
Swimming phenom Michael Phelps and wife Nicole Johnson.
img_8446Boxer and actress Lailah Ali and husband Curtis Conway.
Draya Michele in Tadashi Shoji and fiancé Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

photo: Getty

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