Homemade Facial Recipes To Make While on Bedrest


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Pregnancy generates all sorts of hormones in your body that you can’t control. You may find yourself having a difficult time dealing with stress, and may be short tempered, moody and otherwise just irritable and miserable. A good facial, massage or body scrub can do wonders to ease some of that tension.

However, those on bed rest while pregnant can’t get away to get that much needed facial or body scrub. Also, in tough economic times, it may not be financially feasible for non-bed ridden pregnant women to blow away cash pampering themselves, but that doesn’t mean they cant.

Hubpages has some great low cost recipes that you (or your spouse or partner, if you are on bedrest) can whip up using items already in your fridge and kitchen cabinet! Fab!

Facial Mask Recipes
Recipes for my favorite at-home face masks. Each provides unique benefits, but all are quick and easy to blend up at home, with ingredients you use every day.

Body Scrub and Salt Glow Recipes
Use these easy at-home body scrub recipes to bring life back into tired skin and give you the youthful glow of nourished, healthy skin all year round! Coffee Body Scrub Coffee tightens and rejuvenates skin.

Facial Cleanser and Scrub Recipes
Try some of these easy-to-follow recipes for homemade cleansers and scrubs that provide amazing benefits, for a fraction of the cost of those expensive brand-name formulas at the drug store.

Inside Serena Williams’ First Week with Baby

Serena Williams is doing “beyond perfect” as she completes her first week as a mom, E! News has learned.

It was announced last Friday that the tennis champion gave birth to her and fiancé Alexis Ohanian’s first child, a baby girl.

Serena is doing beyond perfect. She feels great and is just glowing about being a mother for the first time,” a source told E! News exclusively Friday. “Her baby girl is healthy and beautiful.”

“Her fiancé is the nicest man alive,” the source added about Alexis. “He really is so in love with Serena and is really supportive not only as a new dad but also as a partner. He is a busy man but puts Serena first in everything he does.”

More than a week before Serena gave birth, Alexis posted on social media a video of him getting her some groceries to fulfill her late-night pregnancy cravings: A bunch of fresh vegetables.

The Reddit co-founder and Serena have been engaged since December 2016. She announced her pregnancy on Snapchat—by accident—this past April.

The source also told E! News that both Serena and Alexis’ family members have been helping out since the child’s arrival and that “a few close friends have seen the baby.” Serena has not revealed her daughter’s name and has not shared a photo of her publicly.

The source said Serena sent her sister Venus Williams photos and videos of the baby after she was born.

Last Friday, after it was reported Serena had given birth, Venus was asked about the arrival of her new niece as she prepared to step out on the court at the 2017 U.S. Open.

“Obviously I’m super excited,” she said. “Words can’t describe.”

The source also told E! News Serena “got some beautiful flowers sent to her hospital from big-named celebrities.”

No names were disclosed. Serena is friends with the likes of BeyoncéKelly RowlandCiaraand Eva Longoria.

This article originally appeared in E! News: http://www.eonline.com/news/878769/inside-serena-williams-first-week-as-a-mom

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5 Hurricane Irma Prep Tips For Families

Hurricane Irma has just tore through many  Carribbean islands and disaster recovery effort there is underway. The dangerous storm is heading toward the Southeast United States.

Parents and caregivers who live in the impact area should talk to their children about the hurricane and take immediate steps to keep them safe.

Here are our tips for parents from the folks at Save The Children:

Prepare Your Kids Now for Hurricane Irma

1. Talk about Hurricane Irma: Take time to explain to your children that a hurricane is a natural event and not anyone’s fault. Using simple, age-appropriate words and explanations about what disasters are or what happened during a disaster can give them a sense of understanding and control. Let them know your top priority is to keep them safe.

2. Reassure Kids They will be Safe: Let your children know you’re planning ahead to keep them safe. Reassure them that during an emergency, many caring adults — including parents, teachers and first responders — will be working to keep them safe.

3. Identify Evacuation Routes: Find out if you live in Hurricane Irma’s evacuation area, and assess your risks from a storm surge, flooding or wind damage. Together with your kids, identify the best evacuation routes, so many you can all be ready to evacuate quickly and safely. Keep up-to-date with weather reports, evacuate if instructed to do so, and stay away from windows or doors if you cannot evacuate safely.

4. Fill out ICE Cards: Make In Case of Emergency (ICE) Cards for all your children, which include three emergency contacts that any first responder or caregiver can reach out to, in case you are separated during the hurricane. Since local power and phone service can be disrupted during emergencies, it’s also important to have one out-of-town contact. Practice learning these numbers with your children.

5. Pack a ‘Go-Bag’: Put together a “Go Bag” with each of your children, which can include a favorite stuffed animal and the comforts of home, as well as an ICE Card and activities to pass the time, like books or games, if you need to evacuate to a shelter. Every family should also have an emergency preparedness kit, complete with nonperishable food items, a flash light, medicine and other medical supplies, water and personal hygiene items like baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

You can learn more about preparing your kids for emergencies at Save The Children. 

Janet Jackson’s Back! Visits Houston Shelters Ahead of New Tour Concert There

Approximately 8 months after giving birth to her first child at age 50, Janet Jackson is back in action! A newly refreshed and insanely svelte and trim Jackson kicked off her new “State of the World” tour in Lafayette, Louisiana at the Cajundome last night on September 7.

She reportedly has lost 50 lbs ,  and we assume all those dance rehearsals for the tour helped a lot! (WARNING: Do Not Try this at Home)

May your day be as snatched as Janet Jackson’s post baby body. #janetjackson

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There had been rumors that she would skip the next stop on the tour, Houston Texas, this Saturday, September 9, but she announced in a social media message to fans that  not only will she be honoring her commitment to the fans at that Hurricane-ravaged city but planned to go earlier to visit some of the” shelters and do something special for victims,” she said in a video posted on her tour organizer, Live Nation’s Twitter account! That’s our girl!

She also opened her tour by denouncing White Supremacy and domestic terrorism. WATCH:


Tips For A Healthy Hygiene Routine In Your Children

It’s a struggle to keep our children clean most of the time, and whether they’ve been to school, to the park, or just around the block for five minutes, there is a very big chance they will come back covered in a decent amount of dirt and germs! But it’s not just the fact that kids like to get messy, there are many common issues that kids can suffer from when it comes to their hygiene, so what are they, and how can you minimize these?


A very common thing for children to get is head lice (also known as nits), and you can prevent this by having a suitable hair length. If you have a daughter, a bun style is a very simple method. It’s common knowledge that nits prefer clean hair to dirty or greasy hair, so they say you should wash your hair every other day. However, this can build-up grease and oil which doesn’t feel so pleasant, but according to soundbodylife.com, there are some great brands that will get rid of oily hair. So if you want to minimize head lice but also want to feel like you have clean hair, this may be a good option to try.


You should actively discourage your child from biting their nails, especially if they are swallowing the nails. They say there are more germs under your fingernails than there are on the average toilet seat, so the germs could potentially make their way to your digestive tract and potentially cause diarrhea in your children. Solutions to this can include keeping the nails short, but also by encouraging proper hand washing routines. If these don’t work, there are ways to make your nails taste disgusting, that you can find on diyhealthremedy.com, and therefore will stop your children wanting to bite their nails as much.

Washing Hands

This is the most important thing to communicate to your children to make sure that infection doesn’t spread. The common habits would be to wash their hands prior to eating, after using the toilet ,or being in germy environments (such as playing with animals). The best thing you can do as a parent is to set a good example for them and make sure you abide by the rules yourself. If you have family members that don’t wash their hands regularly, this could contribute to the development of threadworms, which are not very pleasant at all!

Brushing Teeth

Last, but by no means least, by having excellent oral hygiene it will have an impact on your children’s entire lives. In addition to knowing the best brushing technique, it’s also important to communicate to your children how their diet can impact their teeth and why they should cut back on fizzy drinks and avoid high amounts of sugar.

Keeping a good hygiene routine is important for every single one of us, but it’s even more important for your children! So make sure you get them started off on the right foot by implementing these at a young age.

Are you Ready for ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’? (WATCH TRAILER)

Our favorite Bad Moms are back! This time, three under-appreciated and over-burdened women now have to host and entertain their own moms for Christmas.

By the end of the journey, our moms three, played by Mila Kunis (Amy), Kristen Bell (KiKi) and Kathryn Hahn (Carla),  will redefine how to make the holidays special for all and discover a closer relationship with their mothers, played by Christine Baranski, Susan Sarandon and Cheryl Hines.

Jay Hernandez and Wanda Sykes return and Peter Gallagher plays the character Amy’s mom.   Watch the Trailer! Start getting your mom friends together now! The film hits theaters on November 3, 2017!

20 Sentences Supportive Parents Say to Make Their Child Feel Valued

Kids get reprimanded all the time when they do something wrong and it is very easy as parents to lash out at them and say something that may makes them feel hurt, angry, or confused. There are things that parents should try to say regularly when disciplining children, encouraging them or helping them understand the consequences of their actions.

Education.com has an evergreen post  with the 20 sentences parents should say to help their child feel valued and aid their development and I am proud to say that I do in fact say many of them often! Woot!

Here they are listed below and for more insight as to why these sentences are important, visit Education.com here!

  1. How did you do?
  2. I know you and I believe you can do it.
  3. You worked so hard.
  4. What do you think?
  5. How does that feel to do that on your own?
  6. You are beautiful, inside and out.
  7. I’m so proud of you because…
  8. How would you improve it?
  9. Are you willing to do what it takes to improve it?
  10. Your dad and I agree that…
  11. What are the consequences of that choice?
  12. I understand why you feel that way.
  13. I have your back.
  14. You make me smile.
  15. You did a great job.
  16. You can come to me for anything.
  17. You are worthy of respect, love, and success.
  18. You can come to me for anything.
  19. Would you like to talk about it?
  20. I love you.

8-Months Pregnant Reality TV Star and Singer KeKe Wyatt Husband Asks for Divorce

TV One‘s R&B Divas: Atlanta alum Keke Wyatt is 8 months pregnant and recently shared on Instagram that her husband of 7  years, Michael Ford, wants a divorce. The singer, who has a phenomenal voice (I heard her in person) revealed the news in a tearful video re-posted on gossip site, Shaderoom.

“You want to know something, America? When you 8 months pregnant and you got a child sick, in and out of the hospital, and your husband got the nerve to tell you that he wants a divorce,” she says in the video. “Because… he says that you’re an emotional wreck. He says that from the very beginning you never trusted me and all that kind of stuff. Telling other people, other women that we getting a divorce and if she calls…like, what?! I’m so done with Michael Jamar. Y’all can have him and roast his ass. I don’t care.”

#PressPlay: Praying for #KekeWyatt 🙏🏾

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Afterwards, Twitter certainly roasted Michael Jamar (Ford), per a run down of the dragging by VH1.com. 

Recently, Wyatt revealed that one of her children is battling cancer and she shaved all of her hair off in support of that child, Essence reports.

The couple had also recently babymooned in Hawaii in advance of the arrival of their fourth child together. Wyatt has three children from a previous marriage to her ex husband and road manager, Rahmat Morton. Ford has a child from a previous relationship and Wyatt suffered a still born at the end of her marriage with Morton.

She is pregnant for the 8th time though (including her still born baby) but if you count her step child, she is mom 9 x over!

She joins a list of celebrity women who broke up with her partners before the baby was born. This list includes Heidi Klum, Christina Milian, Kelis, Alexis Knapp, Mel B and January Jones. 

photo: StarCast